The Necromancer

[Raise the Dead]

At the realms conception, before anything even began, Denadlyr planned the introduction of the class of wonders. Known as the mage, its guildhalls were filled with scholars, the most intelligent of Serin's inhabitants, a group that shunned the use of physical force to master the potential of the mind. Their spells were versatile, and once a mage reached his pinnacle, were powerful enough that even the warrior feared them. Magic became the most influential force in battle, and mages were later integrated into each army in the grand conflicts, proving indispensable with their both harmful and beneficial spells.

The Great War which scarred Serin pitted mage against mage, and resulted in much bloodshed and weakening of the arcane. After the war was burned out, and the weakened magi retreated to rest, Denadlyr stepped into their council to punish their foolishness, for his gift was intended to unify, to enrich and amuse, and for defence, not to harm, maim and kill. An entire group of their members was cast out from the society completely, for their meddling with the forbidden sphere. Finding the embrace of Kallomar, this group of mages then turned their arts fully to the undead, and they were cursed to live as evil, and the necromancer guildhall was formed. Though Kallomar was destroyed, other evil immortals allow them the right to channel magic.

Necromancers are the mages of unlife. They have turned their studies to the manipulation of the dead, and to the capturing of souls that have not yet left the body to return to the Ether. A necromancer can turn inanimate chunks of material into golems, and the corpses of the dead into zombies, to serve a mindless slave. Though their abilities are derived from the Ether like all magic, they are considered forbidden, black magic, for its evil intent. At the peak of their powers, necromancers learn the ability to command the living to die, with a point of a finger.


Level 1:daggerflail
polearmhand to hand
wishreaping blade
devoteraise skeletons
Level 2:detect magic
Level 3:detect invislore
Level 4:invisibilityrend life
Level 5:armordetect good
Level 6:faerie fire
Level 7:identify
Level 8:hagglesoul siphon
Level 9:infravision
Level 10:curseprotection creature
weapon ward
Level 11:weaken
Level 12:blindnessknow alignment
poisonvampiric touch
weapon freeing
Level 13:teleportpreserve flesh
Level 14:dispel magictrance
Level 15:locate objectfast healing
Level 16:sleepprotective shield
soul capture
Level 17:faerie fog
Level 18:cancellation
Level 19:energy drain
Level 20:plagueflesh golem
Level 22:mass invis
Level 23:black torrent
Level 24:pass door
Level 25:hold undead
Level 26:second attack
Level 27:summon
Level 28:acid blastanimate corpse
Level 29:absolute zero
Level 30:toxic fluxstrength damned
Level 31:word of recallchorus of anguish
Level 32:spellwither
Level 33:stone golemossuary
funnel healthdeath grasp
Level 35:ghoul frenzy
Level 36:ghoul explosion
Level 38:pyre of the damned
Level 40:phylacteryapocalypse
entombwilting touch
Level 42:shadow storm
Level 45:wraith summonghoul touch
banshee form
Level 48:powerword kill
Level 50:hellgate

Available races

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human, drow, avian
Human necromancer attributes
Racial Legacies
Innate Abilities
+1 bonus to primary stat

Human necromancer has a compounded experience cost of 0.

Noteable Necromancers


  • Use fly scrolls and protective shield to prevent your necromancer being pinned down with bash and trip, unable to cast his spells.
  • Use 'summon' spell on the large hobgoblin to keep good reserves of purple potions.
  • Savebreak equipment can help lower the spell resistances of opponents.
  • Weapon ward protects from many skills and combat style/weapon style inferiority.
  • Dispel magic removes the positive spells from your enemy, creating an opening for a quick kill with acid blast and the attacks of zombies.
  • Save strength damned for your best zombie.
  • Focus on improving HEALTH and SAVE VS MENTAL to protect your necromancer. His damage and defence comes mostly from spells, not his weapons.
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