The Fire giant

STR: 25, INT: 15, WIS: 15, DEX: 16, CON: 23 ( extra exp)
Available classes:
warrior, berserker, and shaman.
Racial Characteristics:

[Smashum Dead]

Fire giants make up over a third of all giants in Serin. They share the same ancestory as storm and stone giants, but have evolved differently due to centuries of separation. During the Great War, giants were the hired muscle that both sides of the fighting used to form their main offense, and fire giants were the strong arm of the evil forces that defeated the elves, bringing victory and ending the war. The separation of the giant tribes after the war led to this tribe of giants turning to the volcanic wastes of the east, where they built villages on the mountainsides. Many years of adaption to their hot surroundings has made them resistant to fire, but at the cost of vulnerability to ice. Their simplistic culture requires largely brawn, and they are the strongest of all races, but also the weakest of mind. They are naturally evil.

Most fire giants are obsessed with the amassing of power and ranking in its crudest form, to be the leader of their community and the strongest member inside it. They care little for the welfare of others and will kill any who might pose a threat to themselves. Their establishment of power on a worldwide scale is much less pronounced than that of the individual, because they are not smart enough to organize themselves to fight full-scale wars.

Roleplaying with other races

Fire giants mix often with other races, who pay them attention for their unignorable size and strength. Duergars are often found with fire giants leading them along, and both humans and drows often convince fire giants to do their bidding with promises of power and riches. They are sometimes unwittingly forced into slavery by virtue of their weakness for being powermongers. Of all the races, fire giants despise dwarves the most and dislike elves almost as much. They care little for anyone that gets in the way of their quest to be the most powerful, and ally themselves with any who can get them on the road to it.

Racial Legacies

Noteable Fire giant


  • Fire giants have the strongest bash and bodyslam in Serin (Strength is the requisite stat for all bash-type attacks).
  • High strength makes their parrying and dual parrying excellent but low dexterity makes for poor dodging. Because of this, consider maintaining weapon type superiority.
  • Low dexterity means their dodging and tripping talents are poor.
  • When fighting fire giants, wield a magical weapon.
  • Giants rule against NPCs, but are challenging to play against intelligent players because of their circumventable resistance and extreme vulnerabilities.

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