The Stone giant

STR: 24, INT: 16, WIS: 16, DEX: 16, CON: 22 ( extra exp)
Available classes:
warrior, and berserker.
Racial Characteristics:

[Tank and Spank them]

Stone giants make up nearly a third of all giants in Serin. They share the same ancestory as fire and storm giants, but over centuries of separation have evolved markedly differently. During the Great War, giants were hired muscle for both sides of the fighting, and it was with their help that the elven mages were defeated by the invading orcs. Giant was put against giant, and when the dust settled the remaining giants scattered into three tribes. The stone giants wandered into the wilderness of Serin. Over many years the race of stone giant grew to care only for its own welfare, for rarely would they see others, and became ignorant of cities and laws.

Most stone giants are self-centered and do not concern themselves with the bigger picture of politics. They believe those that sit around talking of war and peace are wasting the moment, and each moment that is wasted is a chance for meaningful action squandered. Stones do not discuss affairs of fighting with others, they are driven to creating the history in the way the moment calls for. A stone giant does not wish to be tied down in any way with contracts and treaties. As natural wanderers, they are often found alone in places away from crowds - truly a free spirit.

Roleplaying with other races

Though stone giants do not mix much with other races, they get along well with the dwarves, who share their passion for smithing and creating fine weapons. Their closest bonds are with the sliths, who are also creatures of the wilderness. Stone giants do not have any particular enemy, for they do not seek a struggle, though it is understood that some fire giants dislike them for their waste of talent. Many centuries of primitive life in the wilderness has led to stone giants gaining little intelligence, retaining their great strength and constitution from their physical nature.

Racial Legacies

Noteable Stone giant


  • Thanks to their high strength, stone giants possess a formidable bash and bodyslam.
  • A low dexterity hampers their ability to trip and dodge.
  • Consider wearing extra +saves equipment because of a stone giant's weakness to mental spells.
  • Giants rule against NPCs, but are challenging to play against intelligent players because of their circumventable resistance and extreme vulnerabilities.

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