Keepers of Balance

"Power takes as ingratitude the writhing of its victims." -Rabindranath Tagore

Keeper History

A long dormant cabal originally conceived by the ancient god Rahkashe, the Keepers of Balance are the sentinels and guardians of Balance against overly-powerful individuals and cabals alike. Long have they watched Serin from the shadows of history as wars and even a great purging have swept across the realms. Now, the Keepers have arisen at last to side against those who would use raw power to upset Serin's stability.

Keeper Purpose

A central tenet of the Keepers is the danger that powerful artifacts pose to Serin's stability. Champions -- both good and evil -- have amassed and wielded rare and even unique artifacts to ensure their domination over others. Keepers seek to liberate these powerful items from being concentrated so dangerously in the hands of a few individuals, by force if a peaceful solution cannot be found.

Despite being matched against the powerful, Keepers are forbidden to match their opponents' power in items with their own. All Keepers swear off all rare, unique, and non-cabal random items to follow the path of diplomacy, alliances, coordination, cunning, and courage, depending on the situation. Keepers are tasked to deal with any individual who gains too many powerful items, until those item-holders are either peacefully or forcefully disarmed of their items; conversely, Keepers are at peace with those who do not use many powerful items, for conflicts among those of only moderate power will not spill over to threaten Serin's greater stability.

Although they are nominally at peace with all other cabals, Keepers have also charged with preventing any single cabal from becoming too powerful. Therefore, unless to disarm specifically marked individuals of their wares, Keepers will ONLY involve themselves in cabal warfare when they have been specifically mobilized to join the weaker side in cabal conflicts, especially to liberate captured cabal items. However, because shifts in power can occur rapidly, any alliance with the Keepers is temporary at best, and Keepers tend to have few friends outside of their own cabal. This is because Keepers are unreliable allies, and have been known to turn sides the moment their cabal judges their former peers to have grown too powerful. The life of Keepers is always to challenge those whose power threaten the stability of the realms, and Keepers view their actions not in terms of good or evil, but as being wholly necessary to Serin's continued survival.

Keeper Process

If you fulfill all of the above requirements, post your application to keeper (APPLY TO Keeper). In this, describe your background, why you wish to join, and what makes you worthy.

If you are deemed worthy, you will be given an interview. In this interview, you will reiterate in more detail the points covered by your note and discuss the battles you have fought. If this is satisfactory, your knowledge of the realms and your speed shall be tested as well as your character of heart. If the Keepers are satisfied with the results, you will be inducted.

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