Entrance Requirements
Visit the Juggernaut in Seringale to learn the entrance requirements for Strife.

To lead is to reach towards heaven.

Strife History

Once a famous Knight, the retired old paladin Luminetar strode forward alone feeling the onset of darkness. He looked around, realising that the ravages of time have left his ensemble empty - friends, dead. Great heroes of Light and Darkness alike, memories, countless in number, but doomed to fade. He stopped for a while to rest on his mortal wounds, and closed his heavy eyes, remembering the honor of his age, before Serin thoughts had all turned to extermination. He remembers them all, how they lived, and what cause they all died for. With a grimace, he realised his life has reached his ending, but before the void swallowed him whole, something pulled him away...

Strife Purpose

The coterie Strife is an organized group of mortals that seek to challenge the limits of Serins in mano a mano combat duels, taking only the trophies of war and returning the rest. Members of strife are old practitioners of war and magic that are united by their cause - the prevailment of honor and protecting the dignity of each opponent. Through a worldwide CHALLENGE, the Strife members glorify themselves and their magnificent deeds, via a permanent RECORD which displays the outcomes of each of their battles.

Strife Process

If you are a CABAL member, you may RETIRE your way into the Strife coterie. Non-caballed members must speak with the Arena Juggernaut for entry requirements.

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