Knights of Valour

"A moment of laxity spawns a lifetime of heresy. Never forgive, never forget." — Credo Dark Angel.

Knight History

It was the Fourth Spring, called by some, the Age of Glory and Peace. The city of Valour stood proud and victorious, over its fifty year war with the shadowspawns. Queen Victoria acclaimed the brave soldiers who defended her city, the City of Valour. She selected a distinguished group of soldiers, the bravest and most honorable and made them her own bodyguards and called them The Knights of Valour.

There were two young soldiers that became Knights: one was a young, confident blademaster, named Sarich, and the other, a master strategist and field marshall named Rodyn. They were brothers and friends coming from the same village, until one day, Sarich walked into the Royal dining room to find the Knights, all the servants and Queen Victoria slaughtered. He stood in disbelief when he saw Rodyn holding a bloody dagger. Rodyn, the man he grew up with, one of the Knights on duty that night guarding the Queen, had done the unthinkable. Rodyn had sold his soul to the Dark Lord. As Sarich ran towards Rodyn with his sword raised, Rodyn fled through the window and took a three story fall. Remarkably, Rodyn survived and escaped the city.

From that day on, Sarich declared the Knights of Valour would do more than just protect the Queen of Valour, they would seek out and destroy all Evil and Shadows of the land in Queen Victoria's memory. Queen Victoria has long been dead and Sarich's life as a mortal ended in battle. Thousands of years have passed since that fateful day, but the Knights still walk the path of Light and stalk the Shadows.

Knight Purpose

The Knights of Valour devote their lives to the path of Light and Righteousness. They are the most honorable and bravest people of the land. The Knights of Valour are an aggressive militant group that seeks out and destroy the Evils of the land. They have no mercy or pity for any Evil that walks the land. They will not rest until all the Shadows and Evil are dead. Yet, through their honor, they are not too proud to help those in need and protect the weak. Only the bravest and most honorable, who wish to devote their life to the path of Light and hunt Shadows can become a member of the Knights of Valour.

Knights are courageous, kind, merciful and honorable. They have the best qualities mankind has to offer. Knights are expected to slay evil, it is in their philosophy, but they must be kind as well, trying to convert those of darkness to see the light. They are required to follow a Code of Chivalry at all times.

Knight Process

Step #1 Application: If you meet the above requirements and restrictions send an application to the Knights (APPLY TO KNIGHT). In your application, include your character history explaining what made you decide to apply to the Knights, and what makes you stand apart from all the other applicants. Also include any events in your past you are most proud of.

Step #2 Squireship: Once your application is sent, you await a Knight to squire you. Only a few will even make it to this level. Both PK and roleplaying ability play major roles here. During your squireship, the Knight will teach you the ways of the Knights. He will guide and answer any questions you may have to make you the best Knight you can be. The Knight is also expected to teach you the best methods in combat against an evil foe. Willingness to learn as well as a good attitude is mandatory. During your squireship you are expected to make a name for yourself. Only when your name is hailed as a champion of good will you receive your last test before knighthood.

Step #3 Interview: Once your name is renowned and you have passed the standards passed upon all squires an interview will be given. The leader of the Knights will conduct this interview. Mortal and/or immortal. Be prepared to answer questions without a concrete answer. This is your final test, a test of you mind. If you pass this test you will be Knighted on the spot. If not you will either return to being a squire or be rejected.

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