The Warrior

[Enter the Fray]

As the first races entered Serin, and a firm knowledge of warfare became a necessity for both prosperity and survival, the guild of warriors opened before any other. Teaching the methods of armed combat, ranging from the sword to the dagger, warriors were the backbone of an armies forces. Serving as protectors for the physically weaker as they advanced, and defending them from the dangerous elements of the realms in which they dwelled, there was no other class that could withstand the amount of damage that a warrior was able to take, and for centuries their reign was supreme.

Through the ages, as conflict reshaped the realms, the warrior's abilities remained close to their original form. The warrior legacy passed down from father to son, from mother to daughter, from brother to brother, and to any with the strength, grace, will and discipline to become a master of war.

Warriors are a strongly damage-and tanking-centric class, with great defenses and ability to deal high damage with weapons. They are gear-dependent. Although capable of ensuring his weaker groupmates get through to the higher ranks (such as mages), the warrior depends on charity of his groupmates to stay alive as well. They are natural group leaders. In combat, the warrior's greatest strength is his ability to stun his opponent, and greatest weakness is his poor vision and (to an extent) mobility.


Level 1:axedagger
shield blockspear
enhanced damagehand to hand
Level 3:dirt kicking
Level 4:sideswipe
Level 5:second attack
Level 6:fast healing
Level 7:lore
Level 8:volley
Level 10:disarmblind fighting
Level 12:third attackdual wield
Level 14:haggle
Level 15:tripshield disarm
Level 16:bash
Level 17:concentratedodge
Level 18:berserkmeditation
Level 20:warcry
Level 22:barrage
Level 23:dual parry
Level 24:overhead crush
Level 25:counter
Level 26:windmill cleave
Level 27:overpower
Level 28:point blankathleticism
Level 30:hobble
Level 33:offhand disarm
Level 35:fourth attack
Level 37:riposte
Level 40:double grip

Available races

Selecting a race is a fun way to flavor a character, and further define its strengths and weaknesses. Hover over a race link to view a brief summary of how the race interacts the class, or click it to visit the race's page for detailed information about that race.

human, elf, drow, dwarf, duergar, halfling, gnome, avian, fire giant, stone giant, storm giant, minotaur, slith, half-elf, treant, jagar
Human warrior attributes
Racial Legacies
Innate Abilities
Competitive Edge.
+1 bonus to primary stat
Undoing the Mystery.
Favoured weapons
Polearm, Spear, Two-handed Sword.

Human warrior has a compounded experience cost of 0.

Noteable Warriors


  • Warriors don't do well flying, so consider investing trains into movement.
  • Save some trains for constitution, to keep the warrior's shield block effective.
  • Be sure to keep clear potions nearby to make up for lack of detects.
  • Focus on improving hitroll and damroll, because warriors depend upon physical force.
  • Skirmish often (flee/murder) to punish spellcasters who have just used spells.

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