The Elf

STR: 18, INT: 25, WIS: 21, DEX: 23, CON: 15 (500 extra exp)
Available classes:
warrior, ranger, paladin, thief, invoker, illusionist, psionicist, healer, and bard.
Racial Characteristics:

[They won't hear you coming.]

Elves are one of the most ancient races of the realms, their ancestory reaching far back into the early first age. Elves excel at arts and craft, producing the finest literature works and most well-known songs known to Serin. They also are accomplished practioners of magic, able to learn arts of divine healing as well as those of witchcraft and deception. They are very quick and light on their feet, able to enter and leave places without being seen, and can see well even in darkness. Because of their long lifespans, elves appear in a state of perpetual youth, aging only very gradually, and are renown for their beauty.

During the Great War, the elves were forced into a retreat from their former home into the valleys of the north, by the invading armies of orcs, and their beautiful homeland was ransacked. Though they have rebuilt it again, the scars left by the orc forces, and later by the attacking Legion, have left a mark in their history.

Elves are known for their chivalry and honour, and are always willing to fight for others when there is a good cause. Despite their peace-loving nature, many elves are prideful, making them quick to anger when taunted.

Roleplaying with other races

The elven race is very orderly and seeks to promote the harmony of all living creatures. Elves and humans often join together to fight for the same cause in times of war, though they tend to look down upon their brothers in battle for their rashness. Wisdom garnered through centuries of culture has given elves a unique intrinsic view of the world, and they possess great intuition for the kinds of acts that may lead to war. It is peace that an elf lives for, war being the means to attain it, and they will settle by some other means if the opportunity arises, usually the due process of the Law of men.

Racial Legacies

Noteable Elf


  • An elf takes just one practice session to learn new skills or spells because of their high intelligence. Ten spare practice sessions may be converted into a training session and used to increase their health.
  • Because of their size and agile nature, elfs are hard to trip successfully.
  • Autosneak makes it difficult for enemies to follow you when you flee from them. This can be a lifesaver and is infuriating for any aggressor, and makes it easy to flee and re-engage for 'free rounds' from additional murders.

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