The Dark-Knight

[Intimidate the Weak]

During the period of Alliances, uprisings and power struggles between the forces of evil and all others, leaving death and destruction in its wake. An evil group that had forsaken their guilds, named the Eternal Army, ruled the lands by combining rigorous physical and magical training with a strong central leadership that drew from the combined powers of all its members. As their wrath raged across Serin, they pillaged and destroyed anything in their path that would be unable to stop them, spreading pain and suffering to all, and reaped in the gains from the world as it weakened.

Annihilated by the arrival of the paladins, they were forced into retreat. Hunted down wherever they hid, the Eternal Army was broken up, only the most wily and powerful soldiers of its organisation managing to survive. With their central command destroyed, the army was finished, but the legacy of its knowledge remained. In retreat, the last general swore an oath with Kallomar, that he may give his soul for strength beyond measure, and a new army that would match any force in Serin. As their numbers grew once more, a new guildhall was created, the guild of the dark-knights. Resembling the army of the olden days, but with tactics more adapted to the threat of the paladins, a new, even deadlier era of intimidation had arisen.

Dark-knights are the embodiments of evil. Harbingers of death, they seek to torture and destroy all, and seize wealth for their own. They devote their lives to the study of both dark magic and physical combat, giving them the versatility to match many enemies. Their contempt for the Light is especially powerful. Learning a vast array of plagues, the ability to hurl deadly balls of ice and fire, and retaining the warrior's capability of controlling the flow of combat with stunning blows, the dark-knight is a formidable foe to all.


Level 1:magic missileaxe
shield blockspear
enhanced damagehand to hand
Level 2:vile presence
Level 3:chill touch
Level 4:blindnesscure light
detect magicunholy armor
Level 5:detect goodlore
Level 6:poison
Level 7:second attackfast healing
Level 8:cursehaggle
set parry
Level 9:faerie fireinvisibility
Level 10:detect invisabyssal bulwark
Level 11:disarmshirk
Level 13:lightning bolt
Level 14:weapon freeing
Level 15:tripmeditation
malevolencespiteful strike
Level 16:energy drainfell spark
shield disarm
Level 17:dual wield
Level 18:third attack
Level 20:charge
Level 21:summon
Level 22:silence
Level 25:plague
Level 26:curse weapon
Level 27:fireball
Level 29:harmiceball
Level 32:contagion
Level 35:compulsion
Level 36:strike of pain
Level 38:nightmarenightmare control

Dark-knights sell their souls to prime evils to acquire supplementary abilities. This process occurs at the time of their creation.


Devils are lawful beings that favor others doing their dirty work, with the support of their black magic.

Level 16 Buckler
Level 20 Spellstrike
Level 40 Blasphemy
Demons are chaotic beings that favor cunning and brute force.
Level 16 Bash
Level 20 Unholy Strength

Available races

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human, drow, avian, jotun
Human dark-knight attributes
Racial Legacies
Innate Abilities
+1 bonus to primary stat

Human dark-knight has a compounded experience cost of 300.

Noteable Dark-Knights


  • Dark-knights don't fight well flying, so consider investing trains into movement.
  • Stay out of inferior combat style matchups, to avoid getting hobbled.
  • Use 'summon' to maintain a surplus of purple potions.
  • Focus on improving DAMROLL and SAVES, dark-knights use physical force, but must be wary of spells like wrath due to their evil alignment.
  • Fireball is an extremely dangerous spell.

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