Mystics of Arcana

Entrance Requirements
    Membership requirements:
  • Must be level 20 or higher
  • Open to all alignments, ethos and hometowns
  • A superbly well-written description
  • A thorough well-written background
  • Superb roleplay
  • Patronship is a plus

Tower-dwelling mushroom spammers

Mystic History

Originally established by Denadlyr as a refuge for the mages of his design, the Mystics also invited peace-seeking clerics as well to study side-by-side with the most learned of Serin. For an Age, the Mystics closed themselves off in their Tower, content to perfect their magical arts while holding true to Denadlyr's original vision, even long after his presence was last felt in Serin. This all changed with the dawn of the Second Age.

In the wake of the greatest cataclysm Serin has ever known, the Mystics grew fearful of losing their knowledge (and their lives) from a repeat of such a disaster. Though most continued to hold true to Denadlyr's teachings, the mage Malenfaler taught that power was the key to ensuring the safety of the Mystics' accrued knowledge. To that end, he flung open the gates of the Tower to many guilds that were less dedicated to magic, such as paladins and bards. This diluted the Mystics' fraternity and purity of purpose, and also begun to fracture the Tower's very foundations. The chaos soon spilled outside the Tower's gates, and Malenfaler lead the Mystics outward instead of inward, aggressively attacking innocents and hoarding wealths of weapons and armors in their path toward contesting the LEGION for dominance of Serin.

Finally, Malenfaler made a pact with the mysterious lich Zaikkra for even greater power to assure the Mystics of victory. With the help of the Mystics, Zaikkra opened a portal to the Material Abyss, and thus was begun the war called 'THE INVASION'. In the end, Zaikkra betrayed the Mystics, shattering the Tower and stealing its sacred Globe. Malenfaler was slain and the Mystics were utterly destroyed. Their names were cursed in Serin for many generations.

It was not until much later, after a determined group of mortals assembled all the scattered summoning stones to summon Zaikkra again and wrested the Globe out of the confines of Winter, that the Mystics came to be once again. Stung by history, the new Mystics pledged to preserve knowledge by dedicating themselves to passing it on to future generations, especially to the newest of Serin who would be most receptive to their teachings. In this way, they honor the original teachings of Denadlyr while striving to redeem themselves in Serin's eyes by serving those in greatest need of guidance and assistance.

Mystic Purpose

The Mystics of Arcana are the mortal vessels of the gods. Their function is threefold: Religious work, to separate true followers from false believers; Mentoring, to assist newcomers with finding a home in Serin; and Recordkeeping, to learn the secrets and lores of items, areas and creatures all across the lands and make their findings available to all who seek their knowledge. They are the curators of the Codex, an invaluable source of information for travelers of all ages.

Mystic Process

Mystics are expected to be devoted to religions, assisting any who need aid, and the pursuit of knowledge. This path is chosen after joining the Consortium and dedicating oneself to the appropriate pillars of knowledge. To apply, send an APPLICATION TO CONSORTIUM.

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