The Ranger

[Brave the Wild]

Born within the horror of war, the guild of rangers was formed during the time of the Great War, a sect of fighters that took an oath to defend the natural world. It was developed as a countermeasure to help even the odds against the marauding orcs, as they pillaged the city of Greginsham. The elven warriors, highly specialized but doomed by numbers, sent a plea to the wild animals of the forest they lived in, and in return protected from the defilement of advancing civilization. Their request was heard, for their call was answered by the most famed fighting animals of the forest. At first, the falcons arrived by their side. Shortly after, wild boars showed up, ready to serve, followed quickly by panthers. Finally, the kings of the forest, the grizzly bears, joined their cause. With the help of the forests animals, the elven warriors forced back the orcs for quite a while. Henceforth, they abandoned the name of their warrior guildhall, and were known as the rangers. Sworn to protect nature, rangers have stood the test of time, and remain in Serin to the present day.


Level 1:axedagger
shield blockspear
enhanced damagehand to hand
Level 3:volley
Level 4:carvecamouflage
Level 5:dirt kickingkeen sight
Level 6:fast healing
Level 7:lorescout
Level 8:second attackbarkskin
Level 9:butcher
Level 10:retreatherb
Level 11:disarm
Level 12:blind fightingpoint blank
quiet movement
Level 15:haggleshield disarm
Level 16:meditationwounding shot
Level 17:concentratedodge
Level 18:dual wield
Level 19:quick draw
Level 20:beast callwarcry
Level 22:falcon strike
Level 24:aerial shot
Level 25:third attackdual parry
Level 26:flare shot
Level 28:offhand alacrity
Level 30:ranger bow
Level 31:called shot
Level 32:quick volley
Level 35:snap shotshield throw
Level 36:double disarm
Level 40:parting shot
Level 44:leading shot

Available races

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human, elf, halfling, gnome, werebeast, half-elf, pixie, jagar
Human ranger attributes
Racial Legacies
Innate Abilities
+1 bonus to primary stat

Human ranger has a compounded experience cost of 200.

Noteable Rangers


  • Rangers are exceptional with bows, so keep one handy at all times.
  • Carry shields with javelins, and daggers to dual wield, to switch for combat style advantage, then follow up with "double disarm", for those situations where bows don't work.
  • Save some trains for constitution, to keep the ranger's shield block effective.
  • Be sure to keep clear potions nearby to make up for lack of detects.
  • Focus on improving HITROLL and DAMROLL, because rangers depend upon physical force.
  • Fight in the wild so that the beasts will come to your aid.
  • Rangers are excellent skirmishers (flee/murder/repeat) with their javelins, and with the parting shots they make with bows.
  • Skirmish often (flee/murder) to punish spellcasters who have just used spells.

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