The Druid

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Druids are the priests of the wild. They draw their power directly from the primal spirits of nature, rather than from the gods. It is neither arcane or divine, and commonly thought of as "wild". Those who become druids do so because they wish to feel rooted in time and their ancestry, to feel a connection between the life-giving earth and the sky watching over it. The druids draw their wisdom from their ancient ancestry much like how a tree draws its nutrients through its roots in the earth.

A cornerstone of druids is their relationship with Acadia, the realm of the dead. As it can bring great harm, they personally shun the use of metal. Some druids are known to spend their lives peacefully in holy groves, forests or burial sites that keep them near it. They are fond of stone circles, crystals, trees, and revere nature.

There is no sacred book or scripture on druid principles. Druids simply believe in the principle of energy flow, much like the monks, where one's good or bad deeds will cause that energy to return. Consequently, druids always walk closely to the neutral path - either in alignment or ethos, or both. Although some choose to fight for their own reasons, druids are tolerant of religious diversity.


Many druid abilities require careful manipulation of their DRUIDIC STAFF.
Level 1:flailmace
whiphand to hand
Level 2:fey spectaclesconsecrate
Level 3:cure lightlore
Level 4:forageproduce flame
Level 5:druidic staffspirit bond
roast herbs
Level 6:refreshmeditation
Level 8:faerie fireidentify
Level 9:know alignmentfast healing
Level 10:protection creatureleaves
Level 12:earthquake (E)needles (T)
bay for blood (S)
Level 14:thunderclap
Level 15:locate objecttrance
Level 16:might of the oaks
Level 17:create springshield block
enchant staff
Level 18:hagglerainmaker
faerie blast
Level 19:teleport (S)druidic ritual
ritual of stone (E)star gate (E)
wilderness recall (T)ritual of trees (T)
ritual of blood (S)
Level 20:wild shape
Level 21:faerie fog
Level 22:wilderness healing
Level 24:stone skin (E)second attack
unbindingblood seed (S)
wild growth (T)
Level 25:empower staffsummon dervish
Level 26:sanctuary
Level 28:call lightningcontrol weather
Level 30:lesser boonironwood
primal fury
Level 31:dreamwalk
Level 32:astral form
Level 33:flash flood
Level 34:winters wrathskywrite
Level 35:transmute fire
Level 36:giant strength (T)healing word
summon ravens (S)foresight (E)
Level 38:one with naturebewitch animal
Level 40:misty miragebreath of the wild
Level 45:sun blast
Level 47:warding windsthunderwave
Level 48:tornado (E)curse of acadia (S)
sacred lands (T)
Level 49:tempest
Level 50:summon stag

Note that each race of druids gains some extra abilities from their CIRCLE.

Available races

Selecting a race is a fun way to flavor a character, and further define its strengths and weaknesses. Hover over a race link to view a brief summary of how the race interacts the class, or click it to visit the race's page for detailed information about that race.

dwarf, duergar, gnome, avian, werebeast, treant, jagar
Werebeast druid attributes
Racial Legacies
Innate Abilities

Werebeast druid has a compounded experience cost of 300.

Noteable Druids


  • Brandish - Click to watch the various applications of druid staff brandishing.


  • Use fly scrolls and might of the oaks to prevent your druid being pinned down with bash and trip, unable to cast his spells.
  • Savebreak equipment can help lower the spell resistances of opponents.
  • Dispel magic removes the positive spells from your enemy, forcing him to use more mana/potions
  • Use the ability to cure to out-regen even the hardest hitting of enemies
  • Focus on improving DAMROLL and SAVE VS MENTAL. His damage comes mostly from weapons, and he needs sanctuary up to complete his defences.

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