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1.Illyiza vs Holfsted 9Illyiza
2.Gyvels for the poor? 2Kedaleam
3.Que Serra Sera, Sera 2 4Ashlyn
4.Lumubella vs Senol STREAM PULL 5Davairus
5.Que Serra Sera, Sera 0
6.Arzana vs Cunnadd Round 2 9Davairus
7.Arzana vs Cunnadd Round 1 1Ashlyn
8.Rhoa vs Arzana Round 2 7Davairus
9.Rhoa vs Arzana 3Rhoa
10.Garden Lady Reads a Fortune 1Valindra
11.Dumb ways to die #5...6...7...8... 0
12.Dumb ways to die #4 0
13.Arzana vs Tei 0
14.The Longest Journey 3 7hamsandwich
15.The Longest Journey 2 2Vanisse
16.The Longest Journey 1 / Dumb ways to die 3 1hamsandwich
17.Oldies: Sylac, the Sun Prince 2Serra
18.Oldies: The Enigma of Yngfre 0
19.Oldies: Glorbag the Ogre King 0
20.Threads of Life 4 0