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1.A mootelling. 4Saevix
2.Ilromie Vs Solmundi in a court of what the heck is this? 7Xerties
3.Illyiza vs Dogran 21Vanisse
4.Illyiza vs Ilhariina 0
5.Trareli Vs Dogran 3hamsandwich
6.Aos vs Thaf 1Kornhole
7.Dogran Vs Thoom 7Dogran
8.Illyiza vs. Llloyied 1kento
9.Just trying to have some fun... 3hamsandwich
10.The consequences of corruption 11Mr. Forgotten
11.Aha! I've got you now! Wait...What just happened? 5Arunore
12.What breaking the Eradicator oath looks like 7Andrael
13.There's gotta be some kind of lesson here. (No Death) 9Serra
14.Defender fail 1Kornhole
15.The horn of Lenrathil calls: Kaeceryx vs Ilhariina 10Ethaac
16.3 v 1 Legion vs Justice 14Davairus
17.A wee shite talkin Sevak gets his arse killed - Hirendan 12Davairus
18.Glorbag vs Alkas (partial) 11Alkas
19.Always make sure your boat is readily available kids! 9Bladefury
20.Long Bitch-Ass Slap Fest (Solmundi vs. Triyan) 8Solmundi