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1.Olgarda vs. Krask 12voidwitch
2.Vargan sparring with Quinace 4Davairus
3.Revenge is a dish best served cold (Zstrxiq Gugunnu) 1Davairus
4.Rahamex vs Quinace: A Deathmatch Stream 1Moltluh
5.Battle Royale Aphrux and Mahkto vs Quinace and Zatala 8BlackWidow
6.Krask vs Rahamex 4Davairus
7.Mahkto 2 rounds Savanti while requesting 18Ceridwel
8.Savantii vs Mahkto 5Davairus
9.Terrath vs Mahkto 4Mogu
10.A demon prince falls, a demon invasion ends, a poetry contest concludes 4Mogu
11.Savanti missed sanctuary dropping 7Ashlyn
12.Savanti skirmishes Militha across western Thera 3Militha
13.Lines Written in Olgarda's Grimoire 5Vargan
14.Mahkto vs Krask 4Lothaire
15.Kryton vs Savanti 2Savanti
16.Quinace vs Savanti 0
17.Krask Vs Zstrxiq 6Krask
18.Dirty Boxing 0
19.Battle Royale Savanti and Krask vs Militha and Quinace 4Savanti
20.Savanti vs rathrakan 0