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1.sanc falls - saves Gulgru's day 10Thorgoth
2.Kryton vs Luluna 30Afales
3.Gulgru vs Afales [stream pull] 3Ashlyn
4.Fawneria owns Soxta 2Scrynor
5.Soxta Vs Thelrin 1Afales
6.Soxta Vs Luluna, two matches 0
7.Soxta Vs Zephyrion 0
8.Is this a bash update or a bug? 13Ashlyn
9.Make sure you aren't in combat when you serenity, kids 0
10.Oogruk and the Priest of Shadow 3Scrynor
11.Spycraft and Subterfuge 2Davairus
12.Void-elves aren't too shabby- Stream Edition 2Phostan
13.Luluna and Drizk Stupid Throw 4Kornhole
14.Luluna and Kwyl Mirror Match 0
15.Dark Figures and the Returned Emissary 0
16.The Thief and the Emissary 0
17.Luluna and Foggledonk Marathon Match 0
18.Kryton vs Eodo 7Afales
19.No Good Vultures 1Glorbag
20.Gesh(46) v Ractor(43) or squid with pants down 6Ceridwel