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1.Two Heralds . . . 4: As Ever 0
2.Hardulf vs Paeix - Stream Cream 15Ceridwel confused 5Paeix
4.The Word of a Paladin: Bomgrom v Temy 19Bomgrom
5.The Warmaster vs The Master of Disaster- A fatal draw 6BlackWidow
6.Kargar vs Quinace- No dirt kicks this time 5BlackWidow
7.The initiation of Kargar 0
8.Vok vs Kryton & Brathaelia (stream pull) 2Davairus
9.When you think you have it in the bag 4Paeix
10.Vargan vs Warlking Disaster 3Mogu
11.dope! 9Militha
12.Surprise! 12Mogu
13.Bomgrom v Aelyndir (No Death) (Short) 10Davairus
14.Monkey Business Hesum vs Quinace 0
15.The Tragedy Ball 1Trillian
16.Quinace vs Hardulf a streamed duel 0
17.Did the Master Occultist get pimped? 20varliv
18.Dirty Dancing 2Aminya
19.Wolves and Bears and Panthers, Oh My! 0
20.Chakra Strike Timing 5Vok