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1.Informative - shield spike proc'ing 8Davairus
2.Kali gets abducted 2Ashlyn
3.Balbina vs Dogran and Astorennon 6Lumubella
4.Rodakki vs Balbina 8Davairus
5.Dogran Vs Balbina 19Davairus
6.Gwevym (46) vs Mikiel *Long 1Lumubella
7.Zombie disarms are a thing, and boy do they suck. 14Illyiza
8.That's some shit luck right there. 11Davairus
9.Illyiza vs Lumubella and Dagnir 12Lumubella
10.Dogran and Astorennon vs Rhoa Alkas and Lumubella part 2 9Dogran
11.Dogran Astorennon and Mikiel VS Rhoa Alkas and then Lumubella part 1 5Alkas
12.Bait the trap, Don't trap the bait. Rodakki and Dogran v Lumubella 1BlackWidow
13.The Death of Rodakki Rodakki(Minus Dogran) v Lumubella, Kali, and Ilromie 2Vevier
14.End of the Fight. Dogran(Minus Rodakki) v Lumubella, Ilromie, Kali 0
15.Rodakki and Dogran vs Kali, Ilromie, and Lumubella (Rodakki perspective). 0
16.Dogran Vs Kali Lumubella and Ilromie Panic in Darkhaven 2Dogran
17.Dogran and Rodakki VS Lumubella Ilromie and Kali part 1 4Ilromie
18.Kaeno vs. Mikiel 1Ashlyn
19.Rodakki vs Kaeno 3Rothak
20.Dogran VS Kaeno Number 3 12Davairus