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1.2 in 1 - Jhollim vs Szrevan - Sponsored by Hyando 28Davairus
2.Heathcote vs Szrevan - Disembowelito my Dorito! 0
3.Weawin vs Szrevan - The great balls of fire 1Stiehl26
4.A Little Spider Sat Down Beside Her 0
5.So warlords can see hidden now? 42Davairus
6.Where is the challenge in murdering a drunken poker player? 16Davairus
7.Need tips on forging 9BlackWidow
8.Xoran vs Hituri and Edew 23Xoran
9.Hraozen vs. Tsabnar 49Vevier
10.Serpent King vs Tiger King - F that b*tch Carole Baskin 4Davairus
11.Demonic Merger 0
12.I couldn't resist 1Ceridwel
13.Garden Lady Sends a Message 1Solmundi
14.Reformation of the Order of the Light 3Dwiggans
15.Hereafter 4 - Lumubella's Return 0
16.Hereafter 3 0
17.Hereafter 2 0
18.Szrevan vs Tepyr - Mazin lends a hand 5twerpalina
19.Ordan wrecking Szrevan 1Ashlyn
20.Mystique V 15, I 5 Discussion 4Valindra