• Know the land.

    a) "But I can cure blind."
    b) "But I can gate."
    c) "But I can recall."
    Those are all bad answers. You never know when you will be out of mana, blinded, silenced, blasphemied, cursed, or all of the above. Best case scenario, you can run damn near anywhere in the game blind.

  • Know the places that everyone looks.

    Avoid them. Where would you look? Don't go there either. You should find a place that no one goes before you get attacked.

  • Know which rooms are in which areas.

    Cut through as many areas as possible. The hunter has to stop and do "where" in each area and try to guess which way you went. When you are ready to stop and catch your breath, go "deep" into an area. That way you have more time to notice your hunter in the area before he is right there on top of you.

  • Know yourself.

    Remember your race's/class' weaknesses. Be prepared to adapt and overcome. Carry flight potions. Keep a boat in your inventory. Even if you have spells that let you travel about, keep backup POTIONS. You never know when you will be put in a situation that does not allow you to use your own abilities, pills, or scroll.

  • Know what is going to kill you.

    Avians are weak against disease. Be prepared to run to a healer to get that taken care of. Same if you have no other way to cure blindness.

  • Know your strengths and maximize them.

    If you can hide, find an off the beaten path type place that you can hide. Can you pass door? Most people don't carry items that grant pass door. Find a locked door and walk through it.

  • Know your enemy. What are your enemy's weakness? A little bit of offense can equal a lot of defense. You opponent can't remove curse? Then lead him far from town, curse him, then recall. Is he wanted? Go find mobs that autoattack criminals. What are your opponent's "strengths"? Does he like to dirt you? Wait for him on water. He uses area attacks. Sit next to a high level mob.

  • General

    a) Blanketed rooms - find them, use them.
    b) Heal yourself by whatever means are available to you. You got away, but he is still coming.
    c) Do whatever you have to do to get ready for you opponent. Get some purples if you haven't already.
    d) Never assume that any of these protections are 100% safe. Potions/boats can be stolen. People may be able to "pass door" and get to you. They may get lucky and get to where you are going faster than you do.