Well, I've been playing AR for about two years now, and if there is one thing I've learned from getting my ass handed to me about a thousand times, it's how to flee. First, lets think about the different types of classes and their various strategies.:

  • Healers and illusionists are the most flee effective classes in my opinion, with a healer you can just set your holy beacon in some super pain in the ass place like past the Kadar faeries and just gate there when the going gets tough. As for illusionists, gating to a low level mob that is past a void(George the butcher or the Pleiades are two of my favorites), is just as effective.

  • The next class of flee'ers are the mage classes that get word of recall. When the shit hits the fan, and you flee, don't immediately word, that is a mistake that I myself am constantly making, instead make your attacker chase you. When you get good distance between yourself and your pursuer, start heading toward a line where one area ends and the other begins, make sure your attacker sees you cross that line and the second you do cast word of recall. It's very handy to have a couple of macro's pre-written that will take you from your temple to some remote area in thera, preferably a place that is blanketed as well.

  • The next class of flee'ers are the classes that get a hide skill (rangers, thieves and ninjas), these classes rival healers and illusionists for ease of fleeing. When you miss your assassination attempt and the fire giant berserker starts raging, simply flee, run a few steps, and hide. Also try to flee, when your opponent is dirted, that will give you just the few seconds you need if you are facing a highly skilled player.

  • Finally we come to the worst flee'er, the warrior classes, these classes have neither a hide skill nor a gate or word spell. Fleeing with this class need not be difficult. It is important to always have a recall potion, and have a macro written to use the potion. With those two things done, you can flee as for the mage classes, plus you can dirt kick as well.

    Of course all the tactics I have written depend on a few things, in the situation where your healer gets blasphemied , your mage gets cursed, your ninja gets faeried, or your warrior gets blinded, or you are contracted by an assassin you are simply fucked unless you know your way around thera and can run like a bat out of hell.