The AR guide to finding items.

Step 1.
-Type who

Step 2.
-Peruse who list for people with funky [THINGS]Infront, or behind their names, of valour.

Step 3.
-Send them a tell. t guy 'Are you busy at the moment?'

Step 4.
-Rejection. Guy tells you 'Yes I am awefully busy good sir. Please refrain from contacting me until further notice.'

Step 5.
-Immediately go on newbie chat and inform all of your fellow equipment seekers that 'guy' is more than happy to help them with their equipment needs.

Step 6.
-Check the who list again for other people with [FUNKY]Names of dreaded death. Ask them for help as well.

Step 7.
-No one has helped you. Bastards. Commence operation desert-loot.
Sit in town and wait for someone to be attacked. When someone is attacked you run to watch the fight. Look at each of the fighters.

Step 8.
-Quick fingers. If anyone is disarmed be quick to 'get all' and gain yourself a weapon. If someone dies, remember what gear they have on them from when you looked at them. Begin looting items once at a time. (Note: you can speed this up if you have autocomplete on. ie: instead of typing 'get breastplate corpse' you can type 'get br corpse'). If you are unsure of what to take from the corpse, generally the glowinger and shinier the better. Spiked is good too.

Congradulations, if you have followed these steps correctly you should now have an item or two to aid you in your travels. If you are very lucky you may even hold within your grasp the mighty fiery dager of doooooooom.

(Note: Skip Step 5 if you cannot use the newbie channel. Skip step 8 if a justice is present in the room the combat/death is in. Stealing weapons and looting corpses is against the law, and a WANTED death is counterproductive to your cause.)