There are a couple of things the game looks for when you type a command, and understanding this is essential for you to get anywhere in the game.

SHORTCUTS: You do not have to type out the entire word in the game for it to understand what you want to do. Just type enough letters and it will understand what to do. For example, instead of typing "ATTACK GOBLIN" you can type "A GOB" and the game will figure out the rest. Sometimes you may need to type two or more letters so that the game can differentiate between two similiar commands.

IGNORED WORDS: The game accepts full sentence input where possible, but be aware that the following words are (mostly) ignored by the game: the,and,to,at,of,on,a,off

PIPES, TARGETS and ALIASES: You can send multiple "commands" on one line by separating them with a pipe character "|". To put that into an ALIAS, use two pipes "||". You can set a TARGET, and you can use that target in an in-game ALIAS by specifying "$$" (you may need to UNTARGET first). For example, you type "ALIAS mt murder $$ || get all corpse" and then "TAR GOBLIN" and you can now go around merrily typing mt to bash and loot goblins.

There follows a summary of all the commands, and if you click on any of these commands it will show you exactly what they are used for and how to use it. There is also a list of socials in game which you can see there by typing SOCIALS

Category Available commands
Movement align enter exits follow go map meditate minimap mm recall rest scan sit sleep solitude stand tag visible wake walk where area
Config alias autoassist autocomplete autodef autoexit autogold autogrammar autogrip autohint autolist autoloot autopeace autosac autosplit background brief channels color compact description donate nofollow nomagic nosummon noyel noyell password prompt remove scroll sell submit target unlock untarget wimpy
Objects: appraise bait barter bid brandish buy cancel close collect combine drink drop eat feed fill get give hire hold list lock market open pitch possession pour pull put quaff recite reel reload reshape retire retrieve return sacrifice take unpitch value wear wield zap
Communication application apply commend complaint deaf emote esay esays gossip greet gtell honor ignore order pmote pose pray quiet replay reply report say socials tell yell
Information affects applicants areas changes commands compare consider credits equipment event examine help helpsearch history idea info inventory issues look news note oversee powers preview proficiency read score score2 show skills songs spells time timeconvert typo wealth weather whios who whois wizlist worth x
Combat cast channel chant commune confinement ecast flee focus kill murder sing
Misc addquest allow bet bug check delete demote dice enlist gain gamble gift grip group hammer heal induct outfit pardon pay pet practice promote puke questor questor2 quit raise refuse rehearse release save surrender task train uninduct