Consumables are one-time use items that are necessary to be gathered for use in PK or levelling. This page gives a run-down of the most important consumables, where to get them, their importance, and what classes have a substitute or something better. The game's design philosophy is that consumables will be easily obtainable and reasonably close to the main towns.

Potion of Recall

  • Priority: Vital
  • Affect: Word of Recall (returns player to their temple)
  • Location: Seringale, Echuir the witch (3000 gold)

The recall potion returns you to your temple, at a cost of half of your current movement. This is an essential means of escape, not only for PK but for escaping some traps and other difficult situations. Classes that can cast this as a spell are all mage classes, shamans and healers. However mages should carry recall potions incase they are ran out of mana or prevented from casting by some other means. The spell CURSE prevents word of recall.

Purple Potion

  • Priority: Vital
  • Affect: Sanctuary, 2 ticks
  • Location: Mines of Moria, the large hobgoblin (level 10, two per repop)

The purple potion is vital because sanctuary reduces damage taken by a half, however the duration of the potion's spell is very short. It must be used carefully otherwise a lot of spare purple potions will be needed. Classes that don't depend on purple potions include paladins, shamans, healers and invokers, because they can cast a long-duration sanctuary spell (although this requires mana, so sometimes the purple potion is a good choice). Classes that can gather purples easily include dark-knights and necromancers, because they can summon the large hobgoblin. Cabals have a defender potion which substitutes for the purple potion, requiring only gold to purchase. The effect of purple potions can be dispelled rather easily with DISPEL MAGIC, since it is a low level spell.

Gyvel Potion

  • Priority: Vital
  • Affect: Cure Blindness (level 40 cast)
  • Location: Plains of the north, Aruncus the druid. (Collect the gyvel herb and give him 1000 gold)

The gyvel potion is vital because an ambush with blindness can come at any time. It is not the only way to remove the spell, but its certainly the most convenient. Classes that can cure blindness themselves includes paladins, healers and shamans. However, it is still worth gathering gyvel potions incase of mana cost or other things that can interfere with spell casting. Due to the gyvel potion being level 40, multiple gyvel potions may be needed to remove the blindness spell in high levels, so consider using SAVE VS MALEDICTIVE.

Clear Potion

  • Priority: Medium
  • Affect: Detect Invis
  • Locations: Plains of the north, Shudde'Mell

Clear potions are not necessary in low levels because early PK is only rarely done by players using INVISIBILITY to set up a surprise attack. However in high levels, this will happen all the time. Mages, clerics, paladins and dark-knights have their own detect invis spell.

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