Newbies especially will find guides to killing other people horrifying because what if you can't escape a fight in the first place? If you are beaten trying to win is one thing, but killed trying to get away brings to mind one discouraging word - steamrolled. So in this guide is a few pointers to help you flee. Take what you need.

Use your legs

It is a simple fact, that it is harder to CHASE after someone, slowing yourself down with attack attempts. You have the advantage! Think about that while you are panicking. The chase is always more favourable for the one whose doing the running away. Even if you are silenced, blasphemied, etc.

A moving target is not fighting, thus cannot die. It is harder to attack a moving target - think of your experience with that damn warg rider. Never stop moving. If you have movement points left when you died, you could have run some more. It is a rare person indeed that can keep an intense chase up for very long.

TIP: Next time that bully comes to pick on you again, instead of trying to run as far as possible, stay in the current area. Live as long as you can without leaving that area, by just running around. You will be able to see for yourself just how hard it is to finish off somebody who never stops moving. If the warg rider didn't convince you.

Use recall potions smartly

Can you imagine escaping someone by running to the goblin village? Sounds crazy doesn't it?

Sometimes plain old running for it won't be safe enough. Such as when your health is really low. Then you will need to resort to plan B - using recalls to return to hometown.

Recall potion is one of our greatest running tools, but it does cut your moves in half. Try something like this. Run all the way west towards the serpents, start typing "where" and let your opponent get close. Then recall. Run out a different gate. At this point, running to the goblin village might be making a clean getaway.

If you chose a different hometown, recall can work a lot better. But remember, to chase someone who recalls properly, it helps to be the same hometown as them. So you give up tracking speed for this extra safety.

Have an idea where the heck you're going

If you're going to run off you don't have time to plan where that's going to be. Once you know the game well enough you should be able to just run in any general direction taking areas until they've lost you. But before then, its just better to have an escape route planned.

Plan A - where will you run to hide first (e.g. elf valley)
Plab B - where to run if you get found (e.g. grand thalos)

It gets better. Within all the areas, you can pick out a room that A: isn't immediately recognisable, B: is somewhat deep. Then rest, and use "where" to watch for your hunter. Even if he finds your area, he still has the trouble of finding your room.

TIP: Areas with lots of difficult to memorize rooms, like sewers, are very good for this kind of running. Try running to sewers and playing this game if you find yourself low on movement.