Newbie Mistakes

This list is a bunch of so-called "newbie mistakes" because they're basic and simple rules of the game fighting players. Anybody with experience has died because of the reasons here, and probably will again, because they forgot. These mistakes are all avoidable - with exception of harassment from thieves (not exactly common) making them is your fault.

Not having a recall potion

A recall potion takes you to the temple of your hometown, regardless of where you are. Only a few places, and some spells, can prevent you from using recall potions.

No purple potions

Purple potions mean having sanctuary. With sanctuary, damage taken is greatly reduced. If you are planning to stay in a fight, use this, especially when you know the enemy has better equipment than you. And for god's sakes, don't stay in a fight without it.

Gyvels in sack

Sounds ridiculous possibly but it really does happen. If you're blinded and the gyvels are in the sack, you won't be able to use them. Keep out four or five, they don't all have to be out. A variation of gyvels in sack is to have bought weak ones, its not that expensive to buy the best gyvels.

Using the wrong weapon, with the right one to use in inventory

Use this checklist:
  • You're wielding the right weapon (e.g. water cube vs dwarf)
  • Important potions are in your inventory
  • All the unimportant potions are in your sack
  • Other important weapons are in your inventory (e.g. polearm for overheads)
  • All the unimportant weapons are in your sack
The only possible advantage to having stuffed all your good items in sack, is that when they're looting you, you often get the sack back, so you get back all the good items. You might win if you actually use them.

Spectator Mode

Don't "watch" the fight doing nothing. The only thing you are watching is yourself losing it.

If two characters simply fight one another without doing anything, they will autoattack every 3 seconds (i.e. every "round") until one dies. BETWEEN ROUNDS, THERE ARE STILL THINGS TO DO!! Even as simple as, fleeing from the fight, coming back into the room again and re-attacking. A player who does that deals literally twice as much damage as a player who does nothing, because an initiating attack does the same as a regular combat round. There will be many situations where this is the best option.


If you want to win fights, you're going to need to use skills you've practiced. But this doesn't mean spam and hope for the best. Whenever you enter skills, wait most of the command's lag delay out before entering the next. This will leave you able to change your mind. (A classic example is spamming disarm/overhead/other bad choice skill until you die.)

Area of effect at the temple healer / shop/ etc

Fireballs, blindness dusts, etc. These are good attacks but not wise to use them upon level 60 mobs.

Fighting hungry

You would be surprised how many people don't bother to feed character (eat & drink) mid-battle. That's damage, and impaired regen. It might even kill you at low health. Jug/Beef.

Playing overly conservative

While its good to retreat to fight later, it doesn't help to just run away at the first sign of potential danger. This isn't making the most of all your health points, gold spent into scrolls, etc.

Refusing to run

Sometimes a battle is just a lost cause against overwhelming odds. When this happens, the best thing to do is back off and wait for support. It might also annoy your enemies.

Staying in the dark

You can use the WHO command to see if anybody in your pk range is about. The WHERE command shows the people in your area. If you never use these, especially while levelling, expect to get attacked when you least expect it.