Save Vs Spell items

This'll be a short guide, just to give a few names of save vs spell items. You'll find as you get on in the game (especially in high levels) that saves become very important.

Save vs Afflictive

  • griffon items (eye, tongue, bracer, robe)
  • crimson steel
  • black-tear
  • brass

Save vs Mental

  • griffon items (eye, tongue, bracer, robe)
  • red steel
  • tantalum
  • Radomar's charm

Save vs Maledictive

  • wyvern items (eye, tongue, bracer, robe)
  • blue steel
  • mithril
  • billowing white capes

Now there are some notable exceptions out there:

  • Necro rend life is dependent on the necro's own damroll, instead of your saves. Not much you can do about that, but rend life necros are shorter on health than traditional hp-equipment wearing casters. You will need a high save mal to combat their blindness and sleep spells.
  • Shadow's blindness dust is a malediction, which might be surprising, because they're rogues.
  • Shaman cause-related spells (cause serious, cause critical, harm) cannot be saved, and cannot be reduced.