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Soriehk created on 29th of April 2018, and is dead and gone (19 years old, 51 hours, 25 days lifetime)

Title: the Holy Shaman
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: human shaman

Background history:

  1. The beginning - posted at 2018-05-02 04:09:58
The beginning
I have always felt uneasy among the people around me. My parents always told me not to care or worry about what other people thought and felt, using peace to solve any solution but never forget about the power I possess. I could see that my parents were peaceful people, sometimes were called upon to kill. I noticed they lived modestly while other parents and children were quite rich, but greedy as well. Others began to horde all that they could and sometimes attack others and their dwelling in the mountains to see if they had anything worth stealing. One day my mother was picking flowers and the same greedy mob came and struck her down. My father flew into a furry of extreme rage and killed one man but was bound and gagged. Those men took him and I never saw him again. I ran down the mountain path and hid in small cave. I hid in there for days dying of hunger and thirst. Barely able to stand I crawled out of the cave and tumbled down the hill and fell into a stream. I drank water and ate the berries that grew till my belly doubled in size. I fell asleep and woke up two days later. I felt renewed and strong, but the harsh realization that I was now alone in this world took its cruel grip on my heart. I sat by that stream and saw my reflection and I knew from that moment on I knew I could survive any challenge life threw at me. As I grew older I began to rebuild the broken pieces of my life. I found a forest that seemed uninhabited and untouched by men of the city. I built a dwelling of wood and clay and set out to find the meaning of life and death coupled by greed.


A man before you stands about five feet eleven inches give or take an inch. His head us cleanly shaven with a long silver braid coming from the back of his head. He is of slight build, his shoulders and chest are thin and frail, and his skin is very pale as if he has not been exposed to the sun in a very long time. Although he is standing up straight and tall, there is an obvious hump on the top of his neck. His face is another pronounced feature, with blood red eyes peeking out from beneath tidy eyebrows. His cheekbones are flat and somewhat sunk into his stern face. His ears are very round and skinny lips are compressed strongly.

PK stats:

Kills: 0, Deaths: 3 (Ratio: 0, Efficiency: 0%)
Pinnacle Kills: 0, Pinnacle Deaths: 1 (Ratio: 0, Efficiency: 0%)

Kills by class:

Killed by class:
illusionist: 1,


  1. OH come one! What a waste man!
    1. I was so jealous that you got inducted and me got rejected and now you just throw it all away for one random death? I got 20+ of them man, that's how you git gud at shaman! Just sad to see you go, was really hoping to fight you when you get to 50 to learn how to fight shamans, would have been good learning experience for both perhaps but you chose to act on impulse.

      Well, hope you roll a new char soon and we can duke it out!
    [reply to Veromos]
  2. Davairus [reply]
    0 , 0 , 0 .
    Well when you're already 0-3 with a shaman at level 50 just 50 hours in its probably not a great feeling. This class has been kind of known for not dying too much, so when you find yourself on the losing end a few times, it probably feels really shaming?

    In the old days we'd have tons of blow out fighting at 25-40 and then you would advance a character because you either really liked it or were looking for more of a challenge, or some wholesome reason. I think some of our current 50's feel they're are having to get the class to 50 to have opponents and that's a problem because that's quite a high visibility on failure. Whereas if you were 0-3 at level 30 nobody gave a shit about you.

    I mean that's just how I would feel.
    1. Nycticora
      0 , 0 , 0 .
      I wouldn't feel shamed I'd just delete it because it isn't feared then try my luck on the next one
    [reply to Davairus]

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