cMUD Plugin Version History


  • Updated monk chii gauges to show both light chii and dark chii
  • Added a tabbed window for the poker table. The window doubles as room desc window when not playing poker
  • Pending reboot information is now captured to the imm tab
  • Overlord challenge information is now captured to the group tab
  • New and re-opened auctions are now captured to the other tab


  • Cleaner msdp negotiation and renegotiation on connect, reboot, and unexpected disconnections
  • Chii and chii bolt gauges for monks
  • Bulwark gauge for dark-knights
  • Group information now in 2 rows of 4, rather than 1 row of 8
  • Preset numpad macros (disable the keyboard class folder inside general class folder if you've customized your own)
  • A basic targeting script (typing 'target goblin' assigns goblin to variable prey, make a 'dirt @prey' macro to use this)


  • Tabbed chat capture
  • Affects window
  • Minimap window, including area name, room name, sector, and world time
  • Inventory window
  • Character window, which is similar to what you see with the in-game "score" command
  • HP, Mana, and Move gauges
  • Visual weapon and combat matchup information. It'll change colors like the descriptive text in-game prompt
  • Opponent name, level, and hp information
  • XP gauge, which doubles as adrenaline indicator by changing colors. At lvl 50 automatically becomes pure adrenaline gauge
  • Overlord gauge. This is tiny and just under the XP gauge
  • Visual group information. Group gauges are automatically populated as the group forms. Tank will be highlighted during combat
  • Click to cast. i.e. type "quick sanc" to assign sanc as your quickclick spell and click your groupmate's gauge and you'll sanc him