Darkhaven Statistics

Creator: Denadlyr
Available Guildhalls: non-Lightwalkers only
Rooms: 217
Creatures: 61 (guards duplicated)
Objects: 82
Mobprogs: 17
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Darkhaven Description

The city of mystique, many mysteries long forgotten and unspoken of lie within the boundaries of this shadowed town. Its explorers spoke of a dense fog that lay over the town, choking the senses. The source of this unholy mist is as yet unknown but one thing to bear in mind is that there were two brothers that fought at the beginning of the first age of Serin. Just as Sarich formed the clan of Knights and Lightwalkers another brother fled into the shadows. Since then he has never been seen or heard of again in the heavens, although his spirit was not vanquished. Many stories have been told of the Darkhaven's few meagre pleasures, its tight-fisted shopkeepers refusing to bargain, and thieves lurk around ignored by the Darkhaven Guard. To reside in such a town one must have a lack of morals and an even greater lack of respect for their surroundings. It is said that the city limits of Darkhaven are drawn in the far eastern regions of Serin, over the Dragon Sea. Only those of evil alignment are welcomed within this unholy place although neutrals are permitted to stay.

Darkhaven Highlights

  • Surrounded by tainted lands filled with evil creatures.
  • Controlled by the Legion cabal.
  • Chaotics can gamble in Darkhaven for wild (chaotic only) items.
  • The "Dead Legionnaire Tavern" serves as a communal guildhall for those who are welcomed here.
  • A Nexus in the cartographer's shop facilitates travel to other locations.
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