Mansion of the Malevolent

Mansion of the Malevolent Statistics

Creator: Azonere
Levels: 15-40
Rooms: 176
Creatures: 15(some are duplicated)
Objects: 17
Mobprogs: 6

Mansion of the Malevolent Description

This is a very popular place to rank for good aligned and neutral aligned groups around ranks twenty five to forty. Undead butlers and talamaurs haunt the mansion ready for a good beating from lightwalkers. As the group rises in rank, they can begin to slay gayals and later trolls. From time to time Vlad the Malevolent vampire will send out blood curdling cries but don't let that deter you from your ranking.

The mansion is highly decorated with old fashioned opulence. The great beauty of the place is conserved but sometimes dormant below a layer of dust or rust. The first level is mostly for ranking groups around level twenty five to thirty while the lower level is mostly for groups around thirty to forty. The upper level is an interesting place to explore and rest if you want to roam around the mansion.

Mansion of the Malevolent Highlights

  • A rusted spigot that interestingly still works
  • Undead creatures that are more vulnerable to fire and holy attacks
  • Bone chilling cries from Vlad's coffin
  • The hidden entrance path somewhere in the tall weeds
  • A dusty basement and wine cellar full of creatures