Solace Statistics

Creator: Olyn
Available Guildhalls: Non-chaotic only
Rooms: 299
Creatures: 77
Objects: 219
Mobprogs: 78
Mini Map - in progress
Full Map - in progress

Solace Description

Once a humble town, Solace was destroyed by the Chaos Dragon. After much rebuilding and reconstructing led by the Warlord Taurth, the town was not only resurrected but built with a garrison to thwart any future invasions. Where the old markets once stood now flourish with adventurers from all over the lands. Taurth was then dubbed the Warlord of Solace for his great assistance in its rebuilding. It has been rumored that travelers with chaotic possessions are not welcome in Solace, for it is now the prized home of the Justice shrine. Solace is located slightly northwest of Timaran. It is a town protected from crime by members of the Justice cabal.

Solace Highlights

  • Protected by Justice and the home of the Justice cabal.
  • Well situated, adjacent to several areas including Tenebria, a good ranking spot for mid-ranked lightwalkers.
  • Home to several exotic shops, including pet birds.
  • Contains a number of hidden secrets...
  • ...and pie!
  • A Nexus at the northern wall of the Garrison facilitates travel.
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