Timaran Statistics

Creator: Redalion
Available Guildhalls: all
Rooms: 280
Creatures: 126 (guards duplicated)
Objects: 242
Mobprogs: 81
Mini Map (west side)
Mini Map (east side)
Full Map

Timaran Description

In the east of Serin a hometown was raised by a neutral god in an attempt to create a sanctuary from the fighting of Seringale and the terrors in Darkhaven. The proud city of Timaran was raised in just a few days, built upon the ruins of the New Thalos that had been ransacked by a horror from the eastern lands. The guilds of Timaran are open to all that wish to enter them regardless of alignment or ethos, and many useful items are waiting to be discovered in its shops and inns.

Timaran Highlights

  • Conveniently linked to areas on all sides and in a relatively central location in Serin.
  • Protected by the Justice cabal.
  • Location of Jemira's Potion Shop, which sells an assortment of potions very useful for ranking.
  • Home of the Ivory Towers of the Mystics.
  • Also home of the Town Crier who broadcasts quests and occasionally major events.
  • A Nexus to the far east of town facilitates travel to other locations.
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