Valour Statistics

Creator: Davairus
Available Guildhalls: fighters, mages, healer, paladin
Rooms: 203
Creatures: 69 (guards duplicated)
Objects: 130
Mobprogs: 56
Mini Map

Valour Description

The acclaimed city of Valour, final resting place of Queen Victoria, has been protected from the Age of Glory and Peace to the present day by the Knights of Valour. It stands majestic and proudly in the western lands of Serin, a safe haven for all Lightwalkers that dwell in the lighter lands. Tales of bravery and courage are well known to be told in its many bars and by its inhabitants in their houses. Fond stories are often spoken of the many Knights that have been born in Valour and grown into heroes that slayed many prime evils to bring peace and safety to the surrounding lands. Their honourable deeds are forever remembered by the new generations of Knights that come to be as they take over the eternal guard of the town. To be allowed to take up residence as a citizen of Valour, one must be of good alignment, although the guilds will welcome all visits to their halls for training. The proud city of Valour lies in the southwest regions of Serin, protected by the Valourian Guard.

Valour Highlights

  • The palace may only be accessed with the help of Nobles, Knights, or by brute-force.
  • Shopping is largely located in the centre of the city.
  • Guildhalls are shared for all mages, all fighters, etc.
  • Nobles and Knights work together to interpret Valour laws and to enforce them.
  • Linked with areas on all sides, allowing various routes of exploration or escape.
  • A Nexus near the east gate makes travel to any location with a portal simple and easy.
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