The Serin Mystique, Volume 3, Issue 3

Welcome to the Serin Mystique, Volume 3, Issue 3!
This issue brings you the latest news, noise, and knowledge from the
far and wandering corners of the realm: We have gossip and rumors
that range from Justice quarrels to conflict within the Legion. Three
notable Serins passed away, read about where they went wrong.
Ever hear of the story of the twin swords? You can now, in our
Story Time section! Poems, poems, poems, read the poems!

The sections you can 'look' at in the Serin Mystique are:

1) Serin Mystique Headlines (see Headlines, Headlines2)
2) Obituaries (see Obituaries)
3) Cabal Affairs (see Cabal)
4) Blood and Guts (see Blood, Guts)
5) Serin Opinions (see Opinion, Opinion2)
6) Serin Gossip (see Gossip)
7) Serins talk back (see Talkback, Talkback2)
8) Poems! Run for the hills! (see Poems)
9) Story Time (see Story)

We hope that the voices of the past will guide your future journeys.

1) Serin Mystique Headlines



The Grip of Death.
It was a normal sunny day in the Travelers Rest when Torkalen and I were
working hard on the current Mystique. When all of a sudden, right before
my eyes, death grasped at his soul and left nothing but Torkalen's corpse. I
was amazed at what I had just witnessed. It seems that even the immortals
cannot escape the grasp of death. I was told by Torkalen that this was
brought on by a tarot card and that Ronus and Vhrael suffered the same
fate. Questions ran through my head as I wondered. What are the chances
that all three of these happen at the same time? Who drew these cards?
Are the immortals not immortal after all? The question was never
answered. Many strange things have been happening to people of Serin. If
you have any reports of any strange happenings please send us a note and
tell us your story.

Blood for Balance.

When I walked into Seringale I noticed that there was a three-way battle
for cabal items. The Knights were taking the Justice's item, the Legion was
taking the Knights item, and the Justices were pretty much fighting their
way to gain back their item. It all started when the Knights bravely raided
the Legion's grounds and grabbed their item. When Remmenon noticed
this, he first thought it was the Justices, but then to his surprise found out
otherwise. So, Remmenon, ''the one man army'' as he calls himself, went to
the Knights castle and slew their guardian to retrieve his item. He ran with
it, only to be stopped by Vakarath, Grunky, and Taira hunting him like a
dog. They cleverly trapped him and left his corpse lifeless. With the help of
Xanetes they stormed the castle again to retrieve his item once more. It
was not easy. Prastin and Nattfjod healed the guardian and used their
henchman to deter them. After the long battle they finally slew it. Once he
had his item, he fled to the forest of illusions knowing full well he was being
hunted. He knew that it was pointless to head back to the fortress for them
to take it back again. So, Remmenon recruited Shaelyn to serve the Dark
Army and got Shaelyn to join Xanetes and told them to attack their
guardian, take back their item and bring it to their fortress. That gave
Remmenon plenty of time to get their own item back to the fortress - or so
they thought. On his way north of the forest of illusions when he was met
by Runath who attacked him. Eventually the item returned back home to its
rightful place. Remmenon then spoke with a sigh, '' The Dark Army has
given me nothing but trouble. I was stronger without it. '' When I asked him
if he was going to leave the Legion because of this weakness, he said that
he planned on taking Kolok's position as the mortal leader and making a
few changes. Is Groq failing to bring the Legion to a greater power? Or is
Remmenon the one who will bring the bite back to the pack? It was then at
this time when Remmenon came to us telling us that his item was once
again taken by the Knights. Being a follower of true balance in things I felt a
sort of need to restore things to their rightful way. Even though the Legion
is foul and purely evil, us Heralds sort of need them. If it wasn't for evil,
there would be no good to stop them, if there was no chaos, there would
be no law to bring order to them. Without the constant shifting in strength
between good and evil, chaos and order, us Heralds would have little or
nothing to write about. It is then when Xazappith and I decided to assist
Remmenon, and retrieve his item. It was unfair that he was outnumbered
three to one. A load of guilt pricked at my heart as I thought of what
actions I was about to take. My hesitation to go through with it was
burrowing in my soul. I warned the castle of our intentions telling them
that we did not intend to harm them, but only retrieve what rightfully
belonged to Remmenon. I pleaded for Remmenon to let me think on what I
was doing. I did not want to bring war between Knights and Heralds. Before
I knew it, the raid had begun, and I was attacking the Knights and the
castle. We were forced to flee, but Xazappith did not make it out alive. My
choice brought death to Xazappith. It was then when I realized my mistake.
It was right to bring back balance to the way of our world, but not through
violence. An important lesson was learned at a great expense.

- Zanderic

(Continued on headlines2)


Troubles in Legion

Remmenon appeared recently with a story of unrest within the Halls of
Legion. The turmoil was so intense, in fact, that it caused Legion to lose a
member, Eransel. Remmenon, slightly bitter about rank difference between
him and Eransel refused to go with his fellow Legionnaire to collect
equipment. It is his firm belief that equipment should be gained alone.
Eransel was upset over this and threatened the thief claiming that he
should do as he is ordered from higher ranks. He continued to threaten
Remmenon, claiming that he could extort his items until the Gods grew
angry and stepped in. They ordered the pair to cease their arguing and
protect their fortress, for Prastin was coming to retrieve the item that had
been stolen. He failed to retrieve it and Eransel went on his way to get
equipment. Later Remmenon encountered him again, and since he was still
annoyed he stole some purple potions from him, to save himself time.
Eransel realized this only after and he attacked Remmenon, who later
returned and knocked him out. Once he awoke the two engaged in fierce
combat. Eransel made the mistake of falling into a rage and Remmenon
slew him.

He killed himself soon after.

And the Dark Gods were appeased.

Justice Quarrels.

Ever since the Justices were born, rumors and gossip have accused them of
committing crimes against Serin enemies and bending the laws to their
favor. This gossip has led to the death of dozens of Justices over the years
and yet they have held their ground and still protect the very people that
accuse them of being a hypocrite. Not too long ago, a story leaked out of
two justices that were caught performing such crimes and were then
demoted for their actions. Vakarath and Jutazz both were reported to have
attacked a non- criminal within the walls of Seringale. They are still
however allowed to judge and punish criminals. Both, Vakarath and Jutazz
are still members of the Justice halls even though they have committed
obvious acts of murder. Personally, I can understand if a person makes a
mistake, but this doesn't sound like some ''mistake.'' This is one of those
situations where you must ask yourself, '' Do I feel safe? '' Personally I do
not. However it is not my job to decide, only to report. This is what I have
done. Not because I must. Because I believe that Serin needs to know.

When I discover this incident, I questioned Vakarath about his actions. He
told me that it was all just a big mistake. He was attacking Taira yet he
would not tell me why. He claimed that Taira cleverly baited him back to
Seringale where he made the mistake of attacking her just inside the city.
Vakarath with his extensive experience as a protector of Seringale did not
realize that he was within the city and therefore committing a crime. This
was hard to believe. Either he was hit really hard on the head with a rock or
he doesn't deserve to be a ''protector'' of Seringale. My advice to you
Vakarath is, if a enemy is bait you for a trap, ''DON'T WALK INTO IT!''
especially if you realize it first. That is just plain stupidity.

2) Obituaries



As former leader of the Legion, Kolok was truly forsaken. Kolok's strength
was even less than the wits that got him killed. Kolok's methods and
abilities were so easily predictable that even a gnome such as myself had
the opportunity to see his corpse lay before by feet. The one thing that I am
surprised of is how he lasted so long, or how he became the leader of the
Legion. I guess it doesn't take much to control the mindless masses that
work under Groq's command. Kolok's defeat is an example of how the
Legion has become so very weak. Remmenon said something very similar
to this and even claimed the joining the Legion has made him weaker than
he used to be. Even though Kolok's technique was predictable even by the
dullest fire giants, Kolok did possess a lot of strength. I will admit that his
mace always hurt quite allot. Kolok was never capable for being the leader
of the Legion and that is what lead to his destruction. I guess that the only
thing to say now is that you no longer have to fasten your belts so tight,
cause Kolok won't be coming after your pants any longer.


Eransel was a fire giant to be forgotten. Which sort of contradicts this
obituary. Anyway, Eransel was a member of the Legion, but do to either
some sort of lack of intelligence or strength he was killed and removed
from the dark army known as the Legion. Now if you can just take a
moment to think about how stupid Eransel would have to be in order to be
removed from the Legion......Yeah, my head hurts from thinking that hard
too. Well, either way we won't be missing you. In fact some may say we are
better off. At least the Legion was smarter than a box of rocks and removed
you from embarrassment. Unfortunately we cannot say the same for you
Eransel. May the lord of the Abyss have mercy on your little mind.


Nubal was considered to be a formidable warrior of strength and valor.
However it seems as though this Knight has fallen in possibly the worst way
imaginable. Even though Nubal could be considered ''a pinnacle of the
lights power'' Nubal was hardly even known. Even his fellow Knights
struggled to recall his presence for much of his career as a Knight. In my
opinion this is a very dishonorable way of life that would reflect laziness.
Nubal had shown great potential that was senselessly spent on his lack of
attendance. I hope that for Serin's sake that no other Knights follow that
path that Nubal followed. Great strength and skill are a gift indeed, but are
considered useless if you do not put it to work. What good is a book that is
never read? This is the sad story of Nubals life. May the winds of Zephyr
bring peace of mind in the afterlife you now visit.

3) Cabal Affairs


Cabal Affairs

When it comes to the Justices nothing much has changed. Rumors and
stories of corrupt justices float around Serin like some sort of flue. With
their attention now focused on Seringale, the Justices have proven to be
more efficient.

Enforcer Verikoz
Arbiter Grunky
Arbiter Jezikapine
Deputy Jutazz
Deputy Vakarath
Deputy Xalos

The Legion is suffering as always. But, now it is due to inner conflict
between members. This conflict could be the very thing that is hampering
their success. Their contracts have been far short from successful as people
of Serin wizen to their greed. The Legion was unwilling to hand out
information pertaining to their ranks and members. When I asked Groq
why he does not have pride for his army? He only responded by claiming
that the recent battles between good and evil are nothing for him to be
proud of.

The Knights are very successful. The Legion is nearly crippled and their
ranks grow stronger every day. The new days of Serin show promise
indeed. Many new applicants eager to join the ranks of the Knights with
their success.

Executor Navatar
Guardian Prastin
Archon Runath
Knight Nattfjod
Footman Arkni

With a long term of absence many wondered if the Warlords even still
existed. They have once again begun to show their faces. Many are
concerned with the lack of battles that the Warlords were once so well
known for. The Warlords will always be welcoming new members as Long
as they prove themselves worthy of the name Warlord. Rumors are that
there will be some removals from the Warlords for those who have been
judged as lazy.

Warmaster Taurth
Blademaster Aerandir
Blademaster Tolmir
Challenger Zharek
Challenger Gneumal
Challenger Dumuzi
Challenger Daritas
Proven Nychlas
Proven Tyredin

The Heralds are doing well under the new leadership of Zanderic. His hard
work has kept the halls together during recent hardships. Jastor is a newly
inducted scribe and has shown much promise. The halls are still open as the
Heralds look to replace those who have proven to be lazy. The Heralds held
the Third Serin Quiz in the Traveler's rest and it was quite successful. Be
sure to look for the upcoming Fourth Serin Quiz. Get away from the
fighting for one day and have some fun!

High Herald Zanderic
Master Scribe Vanisse
Lore Keeper Xazappith
Chronicler Jastor
Chronicler Spalino

4) Blood and Guts


Blood and Guts

Tolmir vs Mizerath
Tolmir cried out a challenge to Mizerath in the town of Seringale. In the
arena he shouted his warcry and Mizerath began the fighting. His bashes
proved all too effective as they left Tolmir at his mercy for a good part of
the battle. When Tolmir finally got a chance to fight back, it did not help
him much. It was a textbook case of too little too late. Mizerath bashed him
one final time, leaving him laying wounded on the ground, his precious
blood seeping out of him. Shortly after he drew his final breath, proving
Mizerath the clear winner.
Victory Mizerath

Olphrys vs Zaeothin
In an interesting battle between a Bard and a Shaman, we find Olphrys and
Zaeothin. Though formidable, Zaeothin could not withstand the spell
bombardment of Olphrys. However, to make up for his inability in that
area, he very well made it up with his fleeing abilities in Seringale.
Confusing Olphrys, Zaeothin used the backrooms of the shops in Seringale
as his constant havens. Though this cat and mouse game would not
continue to allow Zaeothin his life if he did not leave the town. Olphrys'
harm spell was the last straw for Zaeothin as Zaeothin made like a terrified
thief and vanished from Seringale.
Olphrys is victorious!

Tudesia vs Peselievit
Finding that Peselievit's mind had been wandering for some time, Tudesia
took upon him the opportunity to remove another life from that of
Peselievit. With a rather quick amount of punches and slashes from the
ninja and none of armor spells up, Peselievit's life quickly became forfeit.
Tudesia wins!

Teshal vs Leeland
Through shadow and light, the game of cat and mouse between dagger
and blackjacks began between two shadows that Serin knows as Teshal
and Leeland. The victory was a well-earned one for Teshal as he continued
to pursue his slippery target every hit and run. Even through all of Leeland's
fleeing attempts in and out of Seringale, Leeland just didn't have enough
grease on him to slip every time. In the end, it was his throat that could not
evade the dagger of Teshal.
Teshal is victorious!

Vicero Vs Zanderic
Vicero decided to take the opportunity to attack after Zanderic was weak
from a long day of slaughter. Zanderic fled having little mental strength to
defend himself he fled to the Traveler's Rest where he went into a locked
room to regain his mind. Zanderic fell into a deep sleep and was awoken to
Vicero setting the Traveler's Rest on fire with fireball spells. Zanderic
quickly responded only to be forced to flee once again, due to a lack of
mental power. Once Zanderic fled to a place where he could rest his mind,
he returned to seek revenge for the chaos that Vicero has caused. Vicero
didn't even get a chance to cast a spell. Zanderic turned his corpse to ash
with just a few hellstreams. Zanderic than stripped him of all his items and
sacrificed them to the gods.
Zanderic wins.

(Continued in blood and guts 2)



Zanderic vs Thkot
Zanderic and Thkot decided to test their skills against each other in a mage
duel. Zanderic and Thkot met at the center of Timaran and began a battle
that proved to be one of the closest battles ever. With both of these
invokers unable to deal much damage against each other, dispels were the
deciding factor. With Zanderic's strong mental will, he was able to prevent
Thkot from dispeling any of his defenses. Zanderic however managed to
pull off a few. Thkot was quick enough to escape from harm's way once
his mana shield fell. Physical blows wore both of the invokers down, and
Zanderic was the first to flee. Zanderic went up to the battlements where
Thkot thought he would finish him. Zanderic used a cleaver skill to delay
Thkots flee. Zanderic dispelled his shield with his first attempt and
destroyed him with a few hellstreams.

Zanderic wins.

Etso vs Asyu
The fight began with a few meager attacks by Asyu. Asyu's blows where no
Match for Etso's spells. Dirt flew at the eyes of each fighter, but Etso began
attacking in earnest. Asyu felt the pain of Harm spells after a short rest, and
was soon utterly defeated. The fight lasted only a short time and while Etsu
was not wounded badly, he was the clear winner.

Victor Etso

Etso vs Asyu
The pair decided to fight again. Either Asyu felt that he was cheated or
perhaps out of boredom. Once again, Asyu commenced with many minor
hits. Suffering under the blows, Etso barely had a chance to flee, or even
fight back. Asyu submitted this time, after Etso finally struck back, his harm
spells making all the difference once again.

Etso Wins.

Maxidus vs Asyu
Standing off were a Berserker and a Thief. Maxidus the Cunning and Asyu
the Powerful. The stand off was no more than to see who was the first to
flee. Maxidus kept himself focused throughout the time working his
opponent and not letting him land a hit. Asyu's Rake constantly saved him
as a blade from hell's attempted to steal his life. Though in the end the hits
were landed on Maxidus and his life was almost forfeited if it wasn't for
their pact of a duel to the flee. Even hell is not forgiving of a Thief it seems.

Maxidus wins

Cirrus vs Sricthul
Before me stood two beings of war. One whom I have come to respect and
one whom I have come to detest. Their face off went in city and in tree.
Though neither seemed to hand the upper hand to either Ranger or
Illusionist. When Gods arm wrestle, who will know the victor? Such lessons
we learned In a battle of these equals. Cirrus and Sricthul are such beings.

No Victor

5) Serin Opinions



Submitted for your reading pleasure, I present to you my newest work.

Is violence the answer?

Scribes and fighters alike, all good men wish peaceful lives. And if all men
were good, a peaceful life we would certainly have. Sadly, all men are not,
and this leaves us with a difficult dilemma to solve. I asked several people
this following over-generalized question:

How do you stop evil men from doing evil things?

Berge the healer: 'with good men doing evil things I'm afraid.'
Homi the warrior: 'stop them by any means necessary, though discourse
should occur first.'
Tyredin the berserker: 'The only recourse is retribution once the act has
been committed.'

A strong argument for non-violence is that it indeed leads to further
bloodshed, and feelings of vengeance from the fallen evils do not subside.
They may even band together to grow even stronger. Violence can escalate
the situation, turning a minor conflict into full-blown war. Many lives may
be lost in the process.

The alternative to violence though, is none. Should we not fight back,
these evil monsters will massacre us all, and take pleasure doing it. So
neither can we sit back and watch friends die, in the hope it'll die out. The
only thing that will die out is our friends.

With no solution to the question in sight, a new problem is exposed. It's
the question itself that is misguided We asked ourselves "Is violence the
answer? when what we should really be asking, is When?. So, when is
violence the answer to the problem of guarding peace?

For violence to be condonable, the only reason that is ever valid is in
self-defense. Should all men only use violence in self-defense, it would
indeed be a peaceful realms as we wish for. It is those that use violence for
other reasons (examples: for fun, or for getting what they want) that are
the evil men who disturb peace. These evils seek to threaten the very
well-being of our realm. If good men do nothing, there will be nothing to
stop them from destroying everything we have built together.

Pacifism, though peaceful in intent, has a weakness. If every man was a
pacifist, nobody would want to take care of evil, and it would run rampant
unchecked through this realm. Pacifism alone does not work in practice.
The only way that pacifists can survive is with a strong enough guardian
present to protect them. Evil prevails when good men do nothing. This is
why, even though pacifism is a virtuous life, credit for the peace of the
realm must always be given to the heroes who have fought to establish it,
and died in its defense.

(Continued in opinions2)



As we all surely know, the gods are ever interested in the affairs of us
mortals. Though we are not quite sure why. Here are some facts and
opinions I have gathered, asking the question:

Why do you believe the gods are interested in the affairs of mortals?

Daritas: 'We are their pawns, used to fight their battles.'
Gannon: 'To be non-mortal, you must also have mortals. We exist
together, but you know what?' They both really really anger me.'
Navatar: 'I believe it is because they envy us.'
Remmenon: 'They watch over us so we complete their hopes and dreams,
just like a father raising his child.'
Sricthul: ''I have no answer.'
Xazappith: 'Because we make more mistakes.. which makes them laugh.'
Zanderic: 'They are trying to please the greater gods so that they may be
released from this cursed realm.'

My personal belief is that the gods are indeed trying to please the gods.
But rather than to escape the realms, it is to grow within. Since gods
possess infinite time, competing with one another is of little consequence,
due to their countless hours unable to produce works that other gods
cannot equal. Thus they use mortals as unwitting tools to compete for

Our spirits are born from the same pool of life as the immortals, and since
survival is the privilege of the fittest, it is clear that the most prosperous
form of spirit reflects the best way of living, and therefore the immortal
that is right. We mortals all possess beliefs, beliefs that the gods have
added to this pool for our choosing. As we compete with each other, it is
our beliefs that compete, and it is our gods designs that compete.

But where did this all begin? The name Stryth inevitably occurs where
creation of the world is discussed, shortly followed by gentle request to be
more quiet. It seems that the lord Stryth has created this life, just as he has
created the immortals, making us all his children.

As the creator Stryth has nobody else to compete with, the logical
conclusion is that he created things to compete for him. Therefore, the
realm (and everything in it) was willed by him into existence for his
entertainment. Its continued existence must also be for almighty Stryth's
entertainment. For the realm to survive then, we must complete his
designs - by dying for our dreams, for our beliefs, and for our immortals.
This is what first fathered our existences, and what makes all our existences
worth all its trouble. Only by the will of the one eternal Lord Stryth do we

As scribed by Runath the Holy Knight

6) Serin Gossip



During a recent surge, I was ready to rank with Sireph, the somewhat
notorious gnome warrior, when we were interrupted. Gannon and Varrell
had come to claim the gnome's life. As I followed him, I saw him fall time
and time again. Gannon. Tyredin. And more. It seemed as if everyone was
against this poor warrior, not only killing him, but taking all his items as
well. He fought as well as he could, but against such odds, who could win?
Throughout the time I spoke with him, as we gained items for him again,
and he never seemed to lose courage. He as always itching to go back, and
fight again, confident that he would win. But it was not to be. In the end,
after one final battle against the odds, it became too much for the gnome
to stand. He had given everything he had to his fights, but it was not
enough, and he willingly departed Serin, never to return.

The Shadow Wars
Remmenon and Xanetes had a dispute shortly after Xanetes unluckily died
during a ranking mission. Remmenon swiped the gold from his corpse
thinking that he would not miss the measly amount. Outraged by this,
Xanetes turned on Remmenon in thirst for blood. The battle went on only
until Remmenon managed to steal Xanetes's sack of potions, leaving him
fairly helpless. Yagyu taken over by a thought of greed, attacked Xanetes
after being severely wounded by Remmenon, felling that it would be
convenient to collect the bounty on Xanetes's head. Of course the gods
went into frenzy over such quarrels. The told them to stop bickering and
that Remmenon was making a mockery out of the Dark Army. Remmeon
defended himself, claiming to be breathing new life into the Legion.

Remmenon claimed,

''I even blamed the Gods saying that if the Dark Army was to fall, it would
be the fault of the Gods themselves. ''

However, Remmenon would always do as the immortals wished. After a
short discussion the gods promoted Remmenon to Overseer so that there
would finally be leadership with the Legion once again.

Justice Cabal
Serins comment on the Justice Cabal
Kashin : 'I think the Justice system needs to be redone completely.
Murderers given justice to other murderers is not justice at all.'
Groq : 'Vakarath and Jutazz are in my favor.'
Srestir : 'Ah yes, I don't like that murderers, Jutazz and Vakarath, are
prosecuting the murderers'
Aldinor : 'The Immortals favor them too much, I'd say.'
Xalos : 'Justice guards. Justice gives hope. Justice is order.'
Sutow : 'A well-defined order requiring the extermination of those that do
not fit'
Grunky : 'Grunky think, Fist very strong and Nag talk very much'

Murder, one who kills another person out of anger or hatred. Avenger, one
who kills another person for revenge. Protector, one who kills another
person for the safe of saving those who cannot save themselves. The
citizens of Serin as a whole enjoy bloodshed, when it is not their own.
When it is their own blood on the ground, they tend to label the one who
has slain them as evil, as a murderer. Oddly those who should be labeled as
protectors or righteous avengers are the ones who often find themselves
with the title Murderer. And why? Because they seek the protection of the
city by going beyond the stone walls of Seringale. Perhaps some of the
Justices are a little more blood thirsty than is necessary, Perhaps they are
overzealous in their pursuits to keep peace within the city. Perhaps the
citizens and visitors of Seringale should take a closer look at the protection
they receive. Citizens of Seringale, consider the safety of your streets. Are
you afraid to walk outside when you are alone and you know that there
may be someone out there with a thirst for your blood? Are you afraid
when you hear the Iron Fist of the Law is about to protect you? Be grateful
that your protectors are so ambitious to take their job a step further. To
protect your lives from those who would enter the city and make an
attempt to take it.

Jutazz : 'There are simply criminals smart enough not to get caught. It is not
prevention, but rather punishing them where the Law itself is unable.'

7) Serins talk back


Serins Talk Back
Grunky Talk

Grunky have VERY SPECIAL report about Knights. Grunky think most
already meet Vakarath, dark knight Justice who always want cook and eat
Dinner, Grunky's boar deputy. One day Grunky learn from Vakarath that
all Knights are bastards. Grunky ask Vakarath if Vakarath sure, and
Vakarath says very many mean things about Knights, so Grunky think
Vakarath is sure if Vakarath already know so much about Knights. Grunky
think maybe very sad for Knights being bastards and not know who own
true fathers are, so Grunky take time to ask every Knight what Knight know
about own father. Grunky learns following:


Navatar: Navatar says not know own father, and when Grunky ask if sad
about being bastard, Navatar says not want Grunky's pity. Grunky thinks
mean yes.

Yranpheal: Yranpheal says sliths not usually grow up with parents, so
definitely is bastard if not know who or how many fathers Yranpheal have.
Rislyn: Rislyn not know who own father was, and says she very sad about
not know who father was and for being bastard. Grunky also sad for Rislyn.
Taira: Taira also not know who own father was, and say she not even know
who her mother is for that matter.


Prastin: Prastin says father is dead and not want talk about it with Grunky.
Grunky think Prastin very mad when discover is bastard and not real father.
Nattfjod: Nattfjod says fake father was king in town now gone. Grunky
wonder if real father was also king, or maybe real father was goat-tender or
Nubal: Nubal says pretend father was very nice and good man, peaceful
farmer, grows carrots and radishes. Grunky think maybe real father was big

Grunky conclude from research that whether each Knight already know
self is bastard or not yet know does not make Knight more or less happy.
Grunky find both happy and sad already-know bastards, and both happy
and sad not-yet-know bastards. Grunky hope maybe not-yet-know bastards
not be too sad when find out truth from reading Grunky's report.


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Thkot Talk

Thkot tells us a story about what it is like being death marked by the warlords
and how he survived it.
As quoted from Thkot

'I had jutht joined a ranking party with two otherth younger than mythelf. Thith
wath before Threyb clothed hith temple. On our way north, the leader went
wetht when he thould have gone eatht. I trethpathed on hith fortreth, albeit
acthidentally. We ran thtraight into a thyclopth. I fled at onthe and worded to
town. But he would not withdraw the deathmark. He chathed me around for
thome time until a juthtithe appeared. Anyway, the juthtithe eventually
tholithited my athithtanthe. I aided with a thpell or two, and Taurth fell in the
elven valley. The deathmark wath broken.

Then I wath deathmarked a thecond time. Thith happened jutht yethterday. I
notithed that he and two young warriorth were going hunting. They went to the
hobbit thire and I followed. I wath going to help them, but mithed.Hobbitth are
thuch thmall targetth, and thtone giantth tho large. It wath an eathy mithtake. I
left the realmth before he could harm poor helpleth little me.'

If you have ever listened to Thkot you would know as well as I do, how hard it
is to understand him. This is why I have translated what he said into a more
easily readable dialog.

'I had just joined a ranking party with two others younger than myself. This was
before they closed his temple. On our way north, the leader went west when he
should have gone east. I trespassed on his fortress, albeit accidentally. We ran
straight into a cyclops. I fled at once and worded to town. But he would not
withdraw the deathmark. He chased me around for some time until a justice
appeared. Anyway, the justice eventually solicited my assistance. I aided with a
spell or two, and Taurth fell in the elvin valley. The deathmark was broken.

Then I was deathmarked a second time. This happened just yesterday. I noticed
that he and two young warriors were going hunting. They went to the hobbit
shire and I followed. I was going to help them, but missed. Hobbits are such
small targets, and stone giants, so large. It was an easy mistake. I left the realms
before he could harm poor helpless little me.'

8) Poems! Run for the hills!


Poetry Corner
A True Story about Thkot
There are bunnies that live north of town
Whom everyone is always knocking down
Except for dear Thkot
Who attacks them not
And threatens their foes with a frown.

A Journey
On a journey I go
Following a star
I know not where it leads
though it's probably far
So don't worry
I may stray
But when the night comes
I'll find my way
Shortly I'll return
Better than when I departed
I'll miss you, I will
So don't be downhearted
With the dawn comes the sun
And with the dusk, the moon
I love you my friends
and I'll be home soon.

A Poem for the Gnome Warrior
Short in stature was this gnome
Who one day came to me
But tall in courage that he was
Oh what a sight to see
To see this gnome stand up and fight
When he had no chance to win
Yet despaired he never did
He always came back again
Until one day he'd had enough
With this useless fighting he was done
He'd seen one too many of his corpses
Rotting beneath the noonday sun
It is time for me to go he said
Added a good bye and he was gone
Forgotten now forever more
Cept in the lyrics of this song.

9) Story Time


Story Time
I came into the realms, and... BLAM! There were special guards and city
guards everywhere, and they were screaming. The good part is... Is that
they were screaming Jutazz's name! It was crazy! Jutazz broke the law! He
said he didn't know where he was at. I think he was smoking one of those
strange cigars. After he BROKE THE LAW, he killed himself, and sacrificed all
of his wares to the Gods! What an idiot! What a fool! Even I'M smarter than
THAT. Well, anyway... I hope this gets into the Mystique, and if you could,
tell me if it does. Ask me lots of questions that you have!


The Tale of the Two Swords.

As told by Aldacer Rhunn
I am descended directly from Durek, First Lord of Moria, and the first to
wield Excalibur in battle. Moria was once a great city under the earth. Not
cursed by undead as it is now. My ancestors were taken apart from other
Dwarves. They and a select storm-giant clan that met its end when
Urthaelm died. We were set to guard a place the Creator himself hallowed.
It was where Shadar Logoth is now. It was named Aridhol, Palace of
Paradise. As our scrolls describe it, it all was gold, marble, and crystal. It
was a walled city, circular in shape, about the size of Valour of old. Set in
three rings, decreasing in size as they went inward The walls were a
marble-like material short through with gold designs and in the Center was
the Palace. At its heart the Creator sat a twinning of weapons - Avantar and
Excalibur. Those hallowed blades both contain the barest fraction of the
Creators essence. Excalibur in its stone and Avantar in its Fountain. The
spot was eventually overcame. My pre-sires and his brothers were disputed
for who was to become the next ruler of our people. In his madness against
what he knew would be his people's doom, my grand sire Durek gripped
Excalibur and slew his brother, spilling hallowed blood in the Glade itself.
For this, we were banished, and Excalibur deemed unfit to stay since it was
tarnished. Close as that kin was to the original strain of our blood, they
were long lived, lasting centuries to guard Excalibur, and attempt to bring
the peace we knew from Aridhol to Serin. We created a citadel after the
manner of Serin Dwarves, under the earth, but as grand as any other City
to be found. It was after we completed it that we learned nearly the same
thing had happened, and Aridhol was destroyed by a kin-slaying between
the giants that were keepers of Avantar. They destroyed chunks of the City
nearly. And for that, they were banished, and a temple founded to keep the
Avantar from such hands. It was guarded by human Templars under the
great Templar Drawoc, granted continuous life as long as Avantar existed
with his Clans bloodline gone, the full power of Avantar may never come

scribed by Zanderic Gibzxioc the Stargazer, Visionary of Heralds.

The Creation of Timaran
New Thalos once stood where Timaran is now. It was a great city for many
years. Then mysteriously the gods began to fight over the city. The gods
went to war with one another. This war was started over a strange blade
that mysteriously appeared out of nowhere. This blade was known to the
wielder as the blade of Loki. This blade seemed to feed off the chaos that
its wielder ensued. During the war the city was torn to shambles. Not a
single building was left standing. For the longest time no one entered the
remains of Thalos in fear of angering the gods. Eventually some brave
warriors decided to enter Thalos and what they found was unspeakable.
There was nothing left but a vast wasteland. Slowly people gathered
together and united to form a new and glorious city named Timaran. In the
end the blade of Loki destroyed a great city through its chaotic ways, but
with that destruction a new and greater city rose from the ashes.