The Serin Mystique, Volume 14, Issue 3

Well, it has certainly been long enough. You have waited long enough.
We are proud to announce a new issue of the Serin Mystique!

1) Departed (see Jorax, Chaut, Nycticora, Virasen, Daorisk)
2) Cabals (see Knights, Legion, Warlords, Keepers, Justice)
3) Stories (see Poltergeists, Azerayhna, Howlers, Risen, Trouble, Quill, Party, Honorless)
4) Extras (see Havoc, Conundo, Ceridwel)

Brought to you by Trelanya, Yngfre, and Ilmsintra

1) Departed


Commander Jorax of Justice passed away quietly some time ago. The
enforcers of Justice are now looking for a new commander.


Chaut, former Blademaster of the Warlords, went on a walk and word was
found of his departure to the spirit realms on the start of the Celestial of
Tyranny. He was everything a Warlord should be: honorable, good at
fighting, and also knowledgeable of the ways of all guilds. He will be

- Told by Trelanya, the Temptress of Time


During the Celestial of Mercy, Lady Nycticora was banished from the
lands, leaving her skull with its empty eye sockets in the Lazarus pit near
the High Towers of Sorcery. She was the former patron deity of Legion, and
Darkhan's avatar, and had been seen snarling and murmuring curses shortly
before her death. I am not at all displeased with this, as she appointed me
to Legion against my will. As such, I have viewed this with a bit of
amusement, knowing I outlasted a god.

- Told by Trelanya, the Temptress of Time


Virasen, the Abecedarian of the Mystics, passed away in his sleep during
the Celestial of Mercy. He was very quiet for a Mystic, though it is harsh
to judge him when he was their leader. He will likely be the last
Abecedarian too, as the Heralds prepare to merge with the Mystics at this

- Trelanya, Temptress of Time


Daorisk, Proven of the Warlords, took his life during the Celestial of
Order. He was a well-established Warlord who mentored many people, and it
is noteworthy that he and Conundo disagreed enough that Conundo was called a
Blowhard and Conundo learned from the experience. May he rest in peace.

- Trelanya, Temptress of Time

2) Cabals


The Knights of Valour appear to be doing well. According to Sir Trovo,

an Archon, they have a full-fledged Knight, Ailmar, and three squires. The

squires are probationary members, and Jorgrun is Trovo's squire while

Miriebwyn and Mortius are squires of Valour.

Also according to Sir Trovo, the recent rampages of Thorgoth have quieted

due to the challenges Thorgoth has received. His thought was that it was

Lord Ceridwel challenging him that caused Thorgoth to retreat, but there was

also the incident when Thorgoth attacked all the guild guardians and then

attacked Istina, at which point Vanisse intervened.


The Legion exists, much like the shadows of realm. They wax and wane
with the tides of time. While the presence may not be seen or felt. It
does exist, much like a blade in the dark. Whilst there has been no known
movement, I would advise caution and always be wary.

With Thorgoth making his move due to the sudden absence of Nycticora, I feel
a shift in the realm is soon to be upon us.


The Warlords have come a long way since flourishing from the chains of
the Strife Coterie, and they have regained their battle form.

The thing is, the Warlords continue to push on. Their members Trauc, Kaa,
Conundo their leader, and the tragically late Daorisk, portrayed a spirit of
dedication that soared them from limbo.

As they all pushed forward, the books will tell a tale of them regaining old
tendencies, the bloodlust. It is true, the Warlords have become a murderous
coup that seeks vengeance upon the unwilling. Not even Legion stands a
chance against these battle-readied warmongers.


The Keepers are currently facing times of peace as the winds are calm,
according to Edebayo. He does say however that he fears the winds may
change soon. Otherwise, his only company is Mordex but he is always on the
lookout for new recruits to join the cause of the Keepers.


We've officially entered an age of disorder. The Justice's absence
proves this, and with the ebb and flow of other Cabals, the lawkeepers
remain the only Cabal lacking real activity. Some say there are ghosts
within their shrine, it is certain there are spiders in there.

But all the Cabals should hold some activity, it makes the world go
'round, right? Perhaps in time there will be those who step up and
wear the badge again. It's not like it's a difficult job, sitting
there, kicking beggars out of their hovels.

Only time will tell. Only time will tell.

As for their current affairs, there are none. Only veterans exist among
the halls who never frequent their duties, risking their jobs for their
own security. In such times, can you blame them?

3) Stories


One day, not all that long ago, the town of Seringale saw an invasion of
invisible spirits! These spirits, or poltergeists, went around town and
caused a lot of mayhem. Istina was swept off his feet and sent to a hard
bump on his rear end by one of them, much to his dismay. Iluvim lost her
favorite quill to one of their pranks. Rin noticed a bunch of scribbles on
his spare parchments, and some on his precious scrolls too. Tir called out
the watch, and a search was sent forth by the Justice cabal for the
poltergeists one night. The first obvious sign of the spirits was a bunch
of trash littering the East Common Road from the gate all the way to the
fountain at Market Square. Soon, it became obvious that the spirits were
somewhere closer to the fountain than the east gate. Pel's shop was
checked, and briefly the hammer Pel used to hammer out dents in armor swung
in midair before falling to the ground with a loud THUD. The snow from the
winter season was thick, and the posse saw shod tracks in the snow heading
across the street. The crew went into Runya's shop, which was covered in
flour which the poltergeists had thrown out from the sacks of flour which
Runya used to create breads and cakes. One of the posse moved faster than
the rest, heading in the back towards the kitchen. This particular
officer's face became covered in creme filling, for one of the poltergeists
took a cream pie and threw it at him. This I tell from the safety of the
Traveler's Rest, while I hear tell of what happened from witnesses of what
happened over yonder.


The Traveler's Rest has been frequented more as of late, and I,
Azerayhna, have more work to do than ever! Miss Trelanya has been back in
her office again, and it is messy once more. Clouds of dust seem to always
be there, with all the artifacts and books in her office. I saw a stain on
the desk where Miss Trelanya let some ink spill from her ink pot onto the
wood, which she ordered me to clean up. If I had lighter skin, I would be
more upset, but thankfully the black ink does not show itself on my
naturally dark skin! She also asked for me to change out the bed sheets,
quilts, and blankets on her bed in the bedroom.

Even without the work from Miss Trelanya's whim, I am also having to rush
around and scrub off mud stains in the hall with some frequency, or prepare
a bath for Zanderic's feet, or do various other tasks. Now I must be going;
I have more work to do!

- Azerayhna, the swamped Herald maid


On the 3rd Renewal of the Celestial of Mercy, the oddest thing happened
within all the cities of Serin. A pack of chaos howlers first entered
Seringale's streets and attacked the guards, and also mauled poor Garp.
Before long, they flew away and caused more mayhem within Timaran, killing
more guards and causing more panic. The howlers arrived in Darkhaven and
wreaked further havoc there, before moving to Valour. In Valour, Zelbin
managed to prevent the howlers from entering the palace, but without the
Knights there to protect the citizenry, more fell to the howlers. All of
this was noted by an Officer of Justice who came when the howlers were
leaving Timaran, and he readied his greatsword and prepared to defend

The howlers rushed into Solace, and one of them knocked the wind out of the
Officer. He was also knocked, unceremoniously, to the ground, falling over
his sword as he did so. He managed to get up, pick up his sword, and cleave
the head off of one of the howlers, but then they left Serin completely
after making one final ruckus.

- Told by Trelanya, the Temptress of Time


Citizens of Serin,

I come to you with news of a new leader of the Dark Army: Thorgoth, former
leader of Strife. He was seen intruding upon the Castle in Valour, and has
also been seen around the Fortress of Legion. He was also spotted sitting
on the Throne of the Lord of Darkness, which has been vacant ever since the
late Nycticora took her life.

While the future remains to be seen, I am uneasy about this transition of
power. The Knights have not been around (or for that matter, have there
been any!) To provide a counterweight against Legion. It is unclear where
the future is heading, but I tell you this so you may prepare for what may
be coming.

- Told by Trelanya, the Temptress of Time


With the word of a rampaging Titan going about the last thing we need is
news of an upcoming war. But it seems that just might be what we have on
our doorstep. War between the Warlords and Keepers could be a very real
thing in the coming Renewals as relations between the two cabals as taken a
dive since disputes between Conundo and Edebayo have risen to the physical
blows. And word of a Warlord marking a Herald for a vendetta, could the
Warlords be marshaling for war when there seems to be a breath of peace
about the realm?

Countess Ilmsintra Noqulyl, Herald of Serin


After speaking to Trauc for sometime, he had mentioned wanting to have a
duel with me. I told him after I had finished some duties I'd be more than
happy to. Our bout started in the Arena of Seringale. Where Trauc didn't
even offer me a handshake till I called him out on it. I was slighted by
his lack of respect to my station as Countess for this, and sought to make
it a quick bout. I charged my bulwark, and then headed into the fray with
him. Started off with by stripping his sight and then cursing his
existence. He managed to enrage towards me before I could poison his very
blood against him. It seemed at this point he didn't like me casting spells
towards him as he was very adamant at head butting me. Those horns do hurt,
and managed to make me a bit delirious. After fleeing and recovering some,
he seemed to succumb to the effects of enraging and was bleeding out. I
decided to do the honorable move and aid him and finish the duel to prevent
him from dying.

Countess Ilmsintra Noqulyl, Herald of Serin


The Noqturne's opening event was a success. While it started slow, with
Trovo, Trelanya and myself starting it off. The party ended with a bang as
Davairus appeared, dressed for the occasion with his new fancy tie, and
brought with him games and even libations to share. The winner of the
contest was none other than the High Herald with a pair of handcrafted naga
hide boots. Where she came across such material I'll have to ask later, for
it makes for a warm and water tight fit.

I hope to see more of you at the next party at the Noqturne.

Countess Ilmsintra Noqulyl, Herald of Serin


While enjoying company at the Noqturne during its opening soiree, I
overheard the most foul news. Conundo attacking Trovo due to a refusal of a
duel. How offensive. Unlike the Warlords, the Knights keep a vigilant
watch on the darkness that threatens to loom over Serin. It went so far
that Conundo marked Trovo with a vendetta while the knight was performing
his sacred duties to his cabal. The warlord assaulted Trovo while he was
returning the Crown to its rightful resting place. Is this the Honor that
Warlords speak to have? Mayhap they plan to take the name of Warlords and
start to wage war. With the threat that is Thorgoth looming overhead, what
is in store for Serin as a whole?

Countess Ilmsintra Noqulyl, Herald of Serin

4) Extras


I have witnessed a madly rampaging titan storming the streets of
Seringale, axes a-whirl, leaving decapitated heads and dismembered limbs in
a trail behind him. Of note he destroyed every single guild guardian in
Seringale (the Priests had a devil of a time putting them back together
again). It was only by chance I was on scene reminiscing with Istina about
old times when the very same titan came lumbering in, aiming for his head!

Thankfully, I had a spell in my pocket which did the trick. Turned from
Titan to toad, he retreated from the city. But what would have been if I
had been absent? Has the watchful gaze of Justice abandoned the city


I interviewed Conundo on the 13th Renewal of the Celestial of Tyranny.
He is the first Warmaster to have graced the Halls of War besides Lorne
since the revival post-Strife. Upon being asked how it felt to be in such a
position, he said he feels humbled and honored.

About perspective, Conundo said he has changed his point of view a few
times, being formerly hard-headed and hard charging. He expects much of his
subordinates. He once had a disagreement with Daorisk and got labeled a
Blowhard as a result.

Finally, he said that he has learned a few things since leaving the Academy
of Learning. In his own words, "Never give up, never doubt what you can do,
and set goals to achieve the greatness you seek."

- Trelanya, Temptress of Time


To the Mystics, and all citizens of Serin,

You have known for some time, I am sure, that Thorgoth's re-emergence in
Serin as a titan of evil has concerned me deeply. As I write this scroll,
even now I can feel his shadows creeping through the lands like an
unstoppable wave.

It has come time that I can no longer stand idly by, high in the Tower of
Mystics pouring over tomes, while Valour and all that is Good in Serin is
fed upon by Thorgoth and his unquenchable thirst for domination. The God of
the Sun is, of course, the natural balance to the Avatar of Shadow after

I therefore find no other choice than to vacate the Immortal chair of
Mystics in order to wage a holy war upon Thorgoth and his denizens without
bringing the Mystics along with me. I have the word of Lady Vanisse and
Lady Vevier that they will keep watch over the Tower while the collaboration
with Heralds is finalized. Until then, Adept Ethaac, the newly minted
Oracle Etheath, and the wise Annotator Kelili continue to represent the
Mystics in fine fashion.

May the Light shine down upon you all. And to those of you who live in is always darkest right before the Dawn.

<> Ceridwel the Champion of Dawn, Avatar of the Sun