Welcome to the Abandoned Realms, and thank you for visiting our game. You will be killing monsters, stealing powerful loot and terrorizing your fellow players in no time! Please be advised that for best enjoyment of mudding, a MUD client is a great investment.



  • If you have trouble connecting, because of a security error, make sure that the URL is "abandonedrealms.com" and not "www.abandonedrealms.com". Search engine web crawlers also occasionally interrupt service and cause this error.
  • As a backup, try a MUD client: GMUD (this is the correct way to play a MUD).

More commands

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Category Available commands
Movement align enter exits follow go map meditate minimap mm recall rest scan sit sleep solitude stand tag visible wake walk where
Config alias autoassist autocomplete autodef autoexit autogold autogrammar autogrip autohint autolist autoloot autopeace autosac autosplit background brief channels color compact description donate nofollow nomagic nosummon noyel noyell password prompt remove scroll sell submit target unlock untarget wimpy
Objects: appraise bait barter bid brandish buy cancel close collect combine drink drop eat feed fill get give hire hold list lock market open pitch possession pour pull put quaff recite reel reload reshape retire retrieve return sacrifice take unpitch value wear wield zap
Communication application apply commend complaint deaf emote esay esays gossip greet gtell honor ignore order pmote pose pray quiet replay reply report say socials tell yell
Information affects applicants areas changes commands compare consider credits equipment event examine help helpsearch history idea info inventory issues look news note oversee powers preview proficiency read score score2 show skills songs spells time timeconvert typo wealth weather whios who whois wizlist worth x
Combat cast channel chant commune confinement ecast flee focus kill murder sing
Misc addquest allow bet bug check delete demote dice enlist gain gamble gift grip group hammer heal induct outfit pardon pay pet practice promote puke questor questor2 quit raise refuse rehearse release save surrender task train uninduct
Mud Client Suggestions

The IP address is port 9000.

Client Operating System Description and Installation
Telnet Any
Select RUN from the Start Menu, type cmd, hit enter and then type TELNET ABANDONEDREALMS.COM 9000
This will get you up and running in a matter of minutes. No downloads required. However, unfortunately, telnet was disabled by default in newer versions of windows. Here are the steps to re-enable telnet in Windows 7: Start, Control Panel, Programs And Features, Turn Windows features on or off, Check Telnet Client, Hit OK
MUSHclient (download) Windows
MUSHclient was once a premium mud client, but became freeware. This is an excellent choice of first mud client for newbies, and people who want to be able to do some scripting will be able to get their fill of it. Download the file, extract it to your preferred location (e.g. desktop) and just run it.
Java Client
(backup client)
This is Abandoned Realms's own browser-based java telnet client. It is a better option for playing than regular telnet, but it will take time to load in your browser so you will have to wait longer to play. Ideal for guests and users at schools.
BlowTorch Android
BlowTorch is the current leader in mud clients for Android tablets. MUDs are seeing a resurgence because of Android gaming. A cheap tablet and a $30 bluetooth keyboard and you're good to go.
JMC (download) Windows
Another fast, free mud client. This is a Russian MUD client which enables logs to be recorded and played back in real time. It is not as easy to use as other MUD clients, so its speed is its main advantage over competitors. Fully featured aliaes and triggers make JMC a solid option for veteran players.
ZMUD (download) Windows
The best MUD client that money can buy. Zmud delivers speed, simplicity, and a dedicated front end. Only serious mudders should purchase a mud client though. WWW.ZUGGSOFT.COM.
Rapscallion Mac
Mac gamers need not feel left out. Rapscallion is a fully-featured client that rivals the best clients on Windows.

A couple of other clients worth mentioning (and our players specifically asked that we give these a mention): mudmaster, tintin++