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A Little Spider Sat Down Beside Her

posted on 2022-01-13 18:46:26
<In which an old witch meets a little spider.>

[ 1]: Ravia: to become a herald of sorts
Wed Dec 29 01:35:15 2021
To: consortium
- Thumbs up: None
- Thumbs down: None
- Abstained: None
Status: Application is under review
i would sing for serin.
would you accept my voice?

[ Drow ] <PK> [A] Ravia Duskrond the Mistress Composer
[ Stone ] Fryianth Stoonhart the Cadet
[50 Gobln Inv] <PK> <HERALD> (Lore Keeper) Valindra Skitterwit the Poetic Prognosticator, Lore Keeper of Myth
[ Pixie ] Trillian Triffle the Conjurer of Illusion
[ Human ] Darokin the Pikeman
[ Jotun ] Igbal the Templar Lieutenant
Players found: 6
[KEEPER] The Balance prevails within the four kingdoms.
There are 6 characters on; the most on this past month was 14.

You tell Ravia 'A herald of sorts, hmm?'

Ravia tells you 'I should like to try.'

You tell Ravia 'Well, what sorts are there?'

Ravia tells you 'What sort are you?'

You tell Ravia 'You first!'

Ravia tells you 'I read there are those who write and those who tell stories and gather rumors.'

Ravia tells you 'I would like to be the latter.'

Ravia tells you 'I like to listen.'

You tell Ravia 'I love rumors.'

You tell Ravia 'Let's spread some.'

Ravia tells you 'Yes!'

You tell Ravia 'If you find me an especially juicy one, I will assure your entrance into our hallowed halls.'

Ravia tells you 'A juicy one... How do you judge the juice?'

You tell Ravia 'By the ounce, I'd say.'

You tell Ravia 'Make my toes curl.'

Ravia tells you 'I will try.'

You tell Ravia 'What a treat. I can't wait.'

You tell Ravia 'You may attend my fencegate anytime, dear.'

Ravia tells you 'What is that?'

You tell Ravia 'The garden outside the Travellers Rest.’

<She comes.>

Ravia bows before you.

look ravia
You see a young drow girl with striking blue-black skin and a cascade of
silver hair tied back in an elaborate braid. Her face is perfectly
proportioned with high cheekbones and fine features. Her eyes are a light
lilac color, the irises almost as pale as the whites of her eyes, with
dilated red pupils at the center. Her lips are colored a bright, blood red,
drawing your attention. There is something slightly strange about the slope
beneath her chin and her throat, as if her sculptor's chisel slipped and
chipped away just a bit more of the obsidian than she should have. She
carries herself with the sinuous grace of a dancer.
Ravia is in excellent condition.

Ravia removes her tongue with a wince.

Ravia stops wielding a sharp tongue.

Ravia signs deftly with her fingers 'Apologies. Etgar fixed my tongue for me but it still chafes.'

Valindra collapses dramatically onto the sofa.

Ravia sits down and rests on a comfy looking leather sofa.

A tiny wisp named Hibbadibbity buzzes energetically about the main hall before alighting upon Valindra's shoulder.

Ravia looks at a tiny wisp named Hibbadibbity.

Ravia signs deftly 'A curious creature.'

You say 'Curioser than some, yes--aren't you, Hibba?'

Ravia signs deftly 'Where did you find it?'

A tiny wisp named Hibbadibbity flutters from her perch to buzz about Ravia's head, getting wisp essence everywhere.

Ravia sneezes delicately.

A tiny wisp named Hibbadibbity returns to her roost upon the little goblin witch.

You say 'Hibba and I have . . . always been together, in a matter of speaking.'

Ravia looks at you.

Ravia sits down and thinks deeply.

Ravia nods.

You say 'I am the witch with the goblin's face.'

You say 'It belonged to another, but she's been replaced.'

Ravia signs deftly 'You took its face? What for?'

Valindra turns her head to look upon the little wisp with affection.

You say 'It's a very famous poem, dear. Are you unfamiliar with my work?'

Ravia signs deftly 'I have not read very much of late.'

Ravia signs deftly 'A lot of fighting and training.'

You say 'I am Valindra Skitterwit the Poetic Prognosticator, the Darksworn's Concubine, the Old Witch of Acadia!'

Ravia wields an orb dripping blood.

Valindra sniffs haughtily, her chins wobbling.

<Valindra leaves but returns quickly>

Valindra returns in a flurry of essence, the smile on her face reminiscent of a toad.

You give a leather-bound book titled 'Fortune Yeller: Poems by Valindra Skitterwit' to Ravia.

Ravia runs her fingers over the cover with a smile.

Ravia signs deftly 'This is a beautiful book. Thank you.'

Ravia signs deftly 'And apologies for not being aware of your renown.'

Ravia stands up.

Ravia sits down and rests on a comfy looking leather sofa.

You say 'Will you pull a card for me?'

Ravia nods.

Ravia stands up.

Ravia draws a tarot card and reveals [ Sun ] to you.

The energy of the sun flows within you...

You are affected by the following:

Tarot: [ Sun ] : lasts for 24 hours
: modifies hitroll by -5 for 24 hours
: modifies damroll by 5 for 24 hours

Ravia sits down and rests on a comfy looking leather sofa.

You say 'The Sun. Of course.'

Valindra mutters something about Ceridwel under her breath.

Ravia chuckles politely.

Ravia signs deftly 'Do you know the god well?'

You say 'Not as well as some.'

You say 'Better than others.'

Ravia nods.

You say 'I held the favor of all the gods once.'

You say 'But lately they are quiet.'

You stop using the Light of Immortal Favor.

You drop the Light of Immortal Favor.

The Light of Immortal Favor dissolves into smoke.

Ravia signs deftly 'All the gods... An impressive feat.'

You say 'As is the case with most feats, the sound is more impressive than the substance.'

Ravia grins evilly.

You say 'But a bard must understand that most acutely.'

Ravia signs deftly 'For us, the song is the substance.'

Ravia smiles happily.

Ravia sits down and rests on a comfy looking leather sofa.

Valindra smiles, her chins wobbling.

You say 'I am pleased to have made your acquaintance.'

Ravia signs deftly 'I am humbled to meet you.'

You say 'I am, of course, very receptive to flattery.'

Ravia signs deftly 'It has been a long time since I have shown my face near anyone of higher circles.'

Valindra smiles as a toad might as she gestures broadly with her stubby emerald fingers.

You say 'This could be your home too.'

You say 'I hope you complete the tasks Villidan set expediently.'

Ravia gazes around the hall.

Ravia signs deftly 'I have written four notes for him so far.'

Ravia sits down and thinks deeply.

Ravia signs deftly 'Did you see them?'

You say 'You should address them to the consortium so that we might all evaluate your worthiness.'

Ravia signs deftly 'Oh.'

You say 'Did you complete your interview?'

Ravia nods.

You say 'I am a rather . . . engaging subject.'

Ravia signs deftly 'Two.'

Valindra snaps her stubby emerald fingers in mock dismay.

Ravia signs deftly 'I can interview one more.'

Ravia signs deftly 'For good measure.'

Ravia grins evilly.

Ravia signs deftly 'Please, my lady, do share a story with me.'

You say 'There once was an old witch who wore many faces.'

You say 'She thought herself, and this trick, very clever. And it was. She was.'

You say 'But not so much as she thought.'

You say 'Now she wears one face, and perhaps it is her last.'

You get a wicked witch's black hat from a satchel embroidered with the crest of Heralds.

You remove something from your head.
You wear a wicked witch's black hat on your head.

Ravia signs deftly 'Why the last?'

Valindra looks at the little wisp upon her shoulder wispfully. Wistfully.

Ravia looks at a tiny wisp named Hibbadibbity.

You say 'She had friends once too. Sisters.'

Valindra smiles again, though her eyes crinkle at the corners in a manner that is decidedly un-toadlike.

You say 'I am an old fool, dear.'

You say 'I hope you will do better.'

Ravia signs deftly 'Might you answer the question from earlier - what sort of Herald are you?'

Ravia holds a silver flute with golden lining in her hand.

You say 'There was only ever one kind.'

Valindra flicks away the single tear streaking down her cheek with a stubby emerald finger.
You say 'But I am late for supper.'

You say 'Attend me again soon.'

<HERALD> Odile the Crier gossips: 'Farewell Valindra, may the winds guide you to a swift return.'
Ravia stops following you.
You have escaped from the Abandoned Realms.
You have left the group.
A tiny wisp named Hibbadibbity slowly disappears.


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