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We need more interactions like this

posted on 2020-01-06 12:24:32
(This is just a short RP log of a brief divine interaction I had yesterday as my newly pledged follower of Vanisse. Enjoy.)

Vanisse intones: 'Im hungry.'

(I end up saying this next line then praying the one after.)

'so what do you want from me, gnome cookies?
You say 'So what do you want from me, gnome cookies?'

pray I hear your call, Vanisse. Perhaps a gnome will do to appease your hunger?
You pray 'I hear your call, Vanisse. Perhaps a gnome will do to appease your hunger?'

Vanisse intones: 'Yum!'

***Move to the chief gnome***

flam gnome
You create a flaming arrow and send it streaking towards the chief gnome.
You are slightly attuned with fire.
Your flame arrow *** DEMOLISHES *** the chief gnome!
The chief gnome has some big nasty wounds and scratches.

[* ] You parry the chief gnome's pierce.
A battle-scarred dwarf's pound MUTILATES the chief gnome!
A battle-trained falcon's claw devastates the chief gnome!
A battle-trained falcon's claw devastates the chief gnome!
The chief gnome is DEAD!!
The chief gnome's head is shattered, and his brains splash all over you.
You get 35 gold coins from the corpse of the chief gnome.

get br
You get the brains of the chief gnome.

get cor
You get the corpse of the chief gnome.

Vanisse intones: 'Please put it in the offering bowl. Thank you!'

***Move to the Temple with the offerings***

Temple of Vanisse

[Exits: west down]
A statue stands here, holding a bowl that catches light from the ceiling.
A battle-scarred dwarf walks in.
A battle-trained falcon flies in.

put corpse bowl
You put the corpse of the chief gnome in an offering bowl.

Your gnomish offering vanishes in a flash of blinding light!

When your eyes readjust, you notice a cookie has been left in the offering bowl.

put brains bowl
You put the brains of the chief gnome in an offering bowl.

get cooke
You see no cooke here.

get cookie
You see no cookie here.

x bowl
The bowl is carved as an extension of the statue's marble hands, with a
very simple design.
An offering bowl holds:
the brains of the chief gnome
a mysterious cookie

get cookie bowl
You get a mysterious cookie from an offering bowl.

eat c
You are too full to eat more.

pray there you go, my lady. Are you still hungry?
You pray 'there you go, my lady. Are you still hungry?'

idnt cookie
Object 'mysterious cookie' is type food, material who knows.
Extra flags: no_locate.
Made to be held.
Weight is 1 lb, value is 50, level is 1.

Vanisse intones: 'No, one will sustain me for now. Please continue your adventures.'

pray alright
You pray 'alright'

(as I leave the temple...)

You feel like this is your lucky day!
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  1. What amazing roleplay! I come to the game for this. Vanisse adds so much depth to the religion of AR. It makes me want to roll a new character just to follow her. I definitely don't want to avoid ever interacting with this immortal
    1. I'm all for RP, this doesn't change anything about newbie chat if that is the point of this albeit short piece of mediocre RP.
    2. Haha. The funny thing is I was testing religiontalk at the time, but we both ended up playing along :) Glad you enjoyed.
    3. @Lorne did you mix me up with Vevier? ... what does this have to do with newbie chat?
    4. No no, not directed at you Vanisse. Directed at whoever posted the log.
    5. @Lorne I am not sure why you're in such a negative mood? We have few enough logs as it is for you to crap all over a small RP one.
    [reply to mauve]
  2. Love it Vanisse!
      [reply to AnOldSoul]
    1. help vanisse
      'Vanisse', Goddess of Luck
      Alignment: Neutral Good

      I was not serious. This is shit ass roleplay. Goddess of luck eats gnomes? What the fuck is going on. I am going to take a shit in her offering bowl
      1. It's a long story... probably goes back to the days of Artos and Calram. Not that it matters at this point. Vanisse is known for being "a bit eccentric". Not everything in this game has to be about death, doom and destruction.
      2. On that note we'll be adding more flavor things related to religious reputation. So you can look forward to that. (feel free to put a dung in the offering bowl, perfectly fine)
      3. Ok but the next time an elf paladin of Vanisse murders a gnome in cold blood and laughs about it like its a joke im linking to this log when they COMPLAINT about it.
      4. You'd think that after all these years, there would be veritable hordes of followers doing this very thing.

        And of all the years of plaintive gnomes complaining of Vanisse eating them, not once was she perturbed. *sob*

        (Also, not serious.)
      5. Dude. Vanisse and gnome-eating is legendary AR lore. If you haven't been in the pit of Vanisse's stomach stuck with a MOOOOING minotaur then you truly haven't lived.
      [reply to mauve]
    2. I am actually a fan of interactive immortals and boons. I can seem a little silly, perhaps a different food would have been ideal, but the player brought something to offer the god and received a boon. Well done.

      I could see other strange requests, like Stryth asking that a water cube be sacrificed at the altar or a lightning sword be placed upon it. Perhaps a shadow god may request eternal darkness cast at an opposing altar, from a faithful Etheath.
        [reply to Etheath]
      1. It can seem silly, excuse my speech.
          [reply to Etheath]
        1. I enjoyed the interaction, and that was the point. It had nothing to do with the newbie chat discussion yesterday.
            [reply to Kelili]
          1. If this is the pinnacle of RP interactions then the times are dire...
            1. 1. Why don't you make a better log? I'm sure a lot of us would love to read a longer more thorough RP log. I'm being completely serious here. I miss reading RP sessions and am sure I've missed a lot of great stuff you guys have been doing.
              2. As mentioned, this was probably 30 seconds of interaction caused by testing religiontalk and someone actually responding to it. So it's not really a highlight of anything. Maybe you think it is because the player happened to post it and there haven't been other RP logs. Don't worry. You don't need to be so offended.
            [reply to maeve]

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