Aczaethnaeth the Wizard of the Astral Mind
Aczaethnaeth created on 02nd of May 2023, and is currently 31 years old (189 hours played).

Title: the Wizard of the Astral Mind
Gender: Female
Level: 50
Class: illithid psionicist

Background history:


The head is bulging and octopus-shaped with a large round conical cranium. Its bloated diamond like ocelli on either side of a raised ridged section in the middle of the face are sheltered by brow ridges, and are uniformly pale and devoid of pupils. On either side of the exaggerated head are two small fleshy holes which serve as ears. The slick, slippery skin covered in a film of mucus is a turbulent mauve colour that glistens in the available light and appears soft, supple and rubbery. This creature has four dark purple tentacles which extend from the face surrounding its maw, a circular, jawless orifice ringed by several rows of small rasping teeth, which is constantly excreting an oily, slimy substance. The tentacles writhe and undulate in anticipation while the suckers on the tips pulsate, alternating between violent red and sickly green hues. Its weak-limbed frame is long and drawn out, an unnatural slenderness where the skeleton system is quite prevelant. The veiny wraith-like hands lack any index fingers and are a reddish pink topped with thick, black nails. Its feet also lack digits, comprising of two large webbed toes ending in the same hideous nails and a rear chicken foot-like hock. The air is filled with the scent of vanilla.