Barnir the Battlemaster
Barnir created on 22nd of April 2020, and is currently 27 years old (175 hours played).

Title: the Battlemaster
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: minotaur warrior

Background history:


Poised before you is a rugged-looking male minotaur with a bulky and muscular frame, albeit shorter than most other males of his kind. His body is largely covered by reddish-black fur that looks thick and rough to the touch. His horns are curved at both sides of his head to form what seems like an omega symbol, although the tip end on the left side had been chipped off badly, probably the bad consequence of a past battle. He stands on thick, worn-looking hoofs that reflects years of bad maintenance. Despite having an appearance of a hulking minotaur, his sleek and toned muscles suggest that he is more than capable of swift, explosive maneuvers. On parts where his armor does not cover, battle scars are noticeable to the keen eye if one chooses to observe closely enough.