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Grasq created on 04th of March 2023, and is dead and gone (21 years old, 50 hours, 6 months lifetime)

Title: the Unholy Knight
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: drow dark-knight

Background history:

  1. Outcasted - posted at 2023-04-23 01:46:23
Grasq, as most Drow, was born in the Unlit City where he was taught to serve the High Queen, Ilythir. Just like every Drow, she was worshipped as a deity, if not one entirely. Grasq would do everything in her name growing up, fighting, killing, raping, pillaging. Everything was to be given to her. He did not hail from one of the Noble houses of the city, but of a lowborn working family. His father was a tavern keeper, his mother unknown for she had died giving birth to Grasq. Regardless of his family life, Grasq sought to please Ilythir and gain her favor. After years of bloodshed and devotion, he gained Ilythir's Auspice, and truly became formidable when fighting. He eagerly slaughtered with little to no discern. No one was safe from him. Over time, Ilythir's eyes turned to other Drow, and Grasq was left to his own devices. He didn't understand, he thought he had pleased her to the best of his ability. But as with all female Drow, Ilythir could never be satiated with what she had, but could have. And so, with that Grasq was forgotten as new Drow took his place. Anger and resentment started to form in Grasq's breast. How could she forget him? Had he not given everything to her? A dawning came on Grasq as he thought these thoughts. He would no longer serve the female Drow. Never again. His was the way of the Outcast and he would leave the Unlit City for greater power.


A mane of snow-white hair sweeps backwards and falls just past the blades of his shoulders. His eyes are glazed over, where his pupils once were is nothing more than a milky film which stands out in stark contrast to his ebon skin. High-set cheekbones and a narrow and pointed jaw add to the sharpness of his masculine features and makes him look more bat-like. His ears, which taper off into points, rest alongside his head and angle upwards, matching the same direction as his hair and giving him a stream-like appearance. He is slight of build with no prominent features save the fact that he is missing the fourth digit on his right hand, the sign of an outcast.

PK stats:

Kills: 4, Deaths: 1 (Ratio: 4, Efficiency: 80%)
Pinnacle Kills: 2, Pinnacle Deaths: 1 (Ratio: 2, Efficiency: 66%)

Kills by class:
berserker: 1, paladin: 2, monk: 1,
Killed by class:


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