Kaigu the Holy Shaman
Kaigu created on 12th of March 2023, and is currently 3 years old (37 hours played).

Title: the Holy Shaman
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: human shaman

Background history:

  1. The hand of Darkness - posted at 2023-03-19 20:44:26
The hand of Darkness
I was born into a family living in the mountains, sheltered by chaos and bloodshed. My days were filled with death and destruction as our clan moved from town to town destroying life and taking whatever resources we could manage. Once the sun set, we would return to our mountains planning for the next strike. As a young grunt, I was fascinated with the dark arts of painfully inflicting afflictions and maledictions on small animals and captives. I trained my mind to be one with the Dark Lord as if his very presence was within me. Together we cackled in glee as we began to flay the skin of our victims and drain their blood. In a flash I saw my future, a dark beckoning hand motioned me closer and as I shut my eyes, I felt a powerful peace overwhelm me.


The massive creature before you at first glance appears to be more beast than man. His verdant skin seems to barely stretch enough to contain his bulging rippling muscles. Below his broad shoulders, his enormous hands have a tattoo of a pentagram on each palm. His small beady eyes are adorned by thick eyebrows and a furrowed wrinkled brow. His thin lips reveal a jutted square jaw and large bottom incisors nearly curve upward to pierce his own cheeks.

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