Orithen the Grand Hierophant of the Forest
Orithen created on 20th of May 2020, and is currently 25 years old (144 hours played).

Title: the Grand Hierophant of the Forest
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: dwarf druid

Background history:

  1. Birthright - posted at 2020-05-23 20:26:24
Orithen was the first-born son of Orithar, an esteemed captain of the Bloodbeard berserker clan of Grimforge. The baby was strong and healthy, hopes for him were high. And yet as every other lad found the fire of his rage -- whether triggered by pain, a memory, or even the sight of a squirrel Orithen Bloodbeard remained steady-headed, even-keeled, and unable to enter the blood frenzy of his kin. Some elders suggested that the boy should be trained in the priestly service of Odoacer with the girls, even the proud Orithar held onto hope. But when the boy turned fourteen, his father could endure the shame no longer. Orithen was quietly stripped of his family name and sent to live with the druids of the Obsidian Circle, a community living in the forest at the base of the volcano. Orithen took eagerly to the teachings and chores of this new environment, and by sixteen was a trusted initiate of the circle. Orithen learned of the energy that binds all life, feeling its ebb and flow like the slow movement of lava under the mountain. As he opened his eyes and ears to the earth below, he began to sense the dull pains of the world itself, and Orithen finally found his anger.


The dwarf before you is squat, stout, and strange. Garbed in layers of leather and untreated wood, he is clearly comfortable in the rough, and much more at home in a mud-hole than a fancy bath. His navel-length beard also tells more of a story than the biography of most men. At its ends it the kempt beard of a strong young dwarf, dark and robust, though slightly lopsided from a large burn mark. At the neck, the beard is thick but wild, and bits of twigs and leaves peek out from within the hairy depths. At the chin, lustrous black hairs give way to the wiry gray strands of an older and wiser man. Above the beard, the dwarf's large gray-green eyes shimmer in constant contemplation.

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