Ractor the Volcano of Infinite Rage
Ractor created on 21st of December 2023, and is currently 31 years old (224 hours played).

Title: the Volcano of Infinite Rage
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: minotaur berserker

Background history:

  1. A lot Bull - posted at 2024-04-19 15:15:07
A lot Bull
Mahn-tor seems to be immortal, outliving all those in the Keep. The Minotaur race practically consider him a god as it is. But, there is a well kept secret amongst Mahn-tor and a select few. Well before his death he annoints the next in line to take his place. A ceremony of youth and longevity, performed by a very specific lineage of minotaur shaman, is held during this time of transition. As one dies off in secrecy, the new youthful, hand-selected minotaur rises to power under the guise of a ceremony. This explains the difference in appearance and age to all within the Keep. Growing up in Mahn-tor's Keeep, Ractor got the reputation for being disruptive and obnoxious. He was quick to fight anybody, and didn't mind running his mouth. His father, Hrator, was well known around the Keep. He had status, was well respected and in the elite circle of those Mahn-tor kept close. Hrator and a few others were summoned to a secret meeting by The King of the Keep. The topic at hand was Mahn-tors successor. "Arise, Hrator." he said with a deep, bellowing voice. "You are the Chosen One. When my time comes to and end, you will be Mahn-tor." The current Mahn-tor had a daughter named Makt-esa. Ractor met her one day and could not resist. This time he bit off more cud than he could chew. He began seeing her regularly, but kept the affair hidden. Mahn tor would not approve of such and ill-mannered, loose cannon like Ractor. He would like remove his head with the Great Axe that he is renowned for wielding. Their secret eventually came to the attention of Mahn-tor. A unlucky coincidence was the culprit. The chef who was preparing for a very large feast, went into work early in the wee hours of the morning. He heard something coming from inside so he peeked through the window before entering. There he saw it, Ractor and Makt-esa making love. Despite the anger of Mahn-tor, Ractor kept his head on his shoulders. But only because the relationship his father had with him. He was exiled from the Keep instead. Some time later, word spread that Hrator had died in a hunting accident. And a very short time after that, Mahn-tor died in secrecy. Of course the Ceremony of Youth was performed at this time, and Hrator now wields the reigns of power in the Keep. Long live Mahn-tor! Mahn-tor apparently decided to forgive Ractor, and allowed him to come home. He also allowed him to The shocking turn in events was eye opening. but what could anybody do or say? This was the will of Mahn-tor. Ractor now goes by the self-acclaimed title of the Prince of Mahn-tor's.


Catching your attention is the sound of this creature forcefully exhaling through it's nostrils. A look of wild and untamed coupled with the excessively harsh breathing give the impression this bull-man might be a loose-cannon. The septum of his nose bares a thick gold ring. There is a long cut, more likely a tear, in one of his nostrils, indicating it was likely the original location for that gold hoop but was removed in a undesired fashion. He has horns on either side of his head that curve upwards. Between the two is a brown mess of untidy hair. It matches the colour of his fur, save for the random white patch here or there, notably the one on his eye, opposite side of the unfortunate nose laceration. His physical prowess does not go unnoticed. On the contrary, it is a spectacle that demands bystanders recognition.

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