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Zelbin created on 02nd of May 2010, and is dead and gone (57 years old, 811 hours)

Title: the Eclectic Prophet of Verisimilitude
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: dwarf healer

Background history:


Here stands Zelbin of the dwarven kingdom. His short stature and blessed demeanor are seen in his eyes. His long beard almost touching the ground and his robes flowing over his stocky frame. In his eyes a light is shining through like none you have ever seen. His pouches full of dusts, vials and containers for his various healing arts. His sturdy mace slung over his back so he can enter battle quickly if he is needed. His short legs carry him with a swiftness that only the gods could grant as he teaches his art across the realm. Striding away you notice his huge sack bouncing along with all the artifacts of his travels.

PK stats:

Kills: 7, Deaths: 66. (efficiency: 9%) Pinnacles killed: 4, Pinnacled deaths: 58. (efficiency: 6%) Kills by class: War: 3 Ber: 3 Dkn: 1 Nin: 3 Killed by class: War: 13 Ber: 10 Ran: 1 Dkn: 1 Thi: 1 Nin: 8 Ill: 1 Nec: 8 Sha: 3

Mystiques mentioning Zelbin:
Tags: #exalted


  1. Vevier [reply]
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    1. Esivole [reply]
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      damn. Zelbin, you were the perfect example of a dwarf in my opinion. your tenacity was unparalleled. sorry to see you go.
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      1. Frostburns [reply]
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        You will be missed, friend. I drink to your health, wherever you are.
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        1. Tiqa [reply]
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          I echo Frostburns sentiments. You will be missed. My characters have crossed paths with Zelbin on many characters and you were always someone to count on, always a helper and a teacher. And keeping a character actively alive for two years!!!!! Wow, that's amazing. I'll drink to you too Zelbin.
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          1. Niusan [reply]
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            Dang... Well done. One of the two dwarves that I will always remember. Best of luck on your next long term characters. Hopefully they will be as memerable.
              [reply to Niusan]
            1. Dorimos [reply]
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              Nooooooooo now who is going to help carry on the Aerinonth legacy!! You will be greatly missed my friend
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              1. Ceridwel [reply]
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                [quote:bcdb02c224]Kills: 7, Deaths: 66[/quote:bcdb02c224]
                Condeath +5 FTW.

                Will miss ya.
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                1. Dispater [reply]
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                  1. Xenyar [reply]
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                    Damnit Zelbin, hate to see you go inactivity. I had sooo much fun with you around. RR'd the dwarf well. Definitely Rariwn's best friend ever. We're gonna miss the shit out of you.
                      [reply to Xenyar]
                    1. Tiqa [reply]
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                      I had to look it up but the title totally fits. Can't believe an imm, or anyone, would know such a word? I couldn't even break the word into parts to try to guess what it meant.

                      1. DigitalText
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                        Veritas = truth. Similitude is probably to do with the state of being similar. So, literally, similar to truth.
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                    2. Frostburns [reply]
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                      Again, Zelbin is one of the characters I really liked. Definitely one of my good friends when I was around him.

                      I thought the word Tiqa mentioned had something to do with militaristic, given how aggressive Zelbin could be. I remember people calling him 'the berserker in robes' sometimes. I remember him deliberately intruding on Dhua at least once, and I think one of those times he didn't even care about being Exiled. He had a great sense of humour.
                        [reply to Frostburns]
                      1. tayyah [reply]
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                        I havent palyed for a couple months but I'll still reply to this one, I fought this guy over so many different chars ( I dont play goods so it was always fighting not friends) And I had soo many rp sessions that I couldnt recall half of them if I wanted... This one will be SORELY missed and im sad that you went to inactivity and not con death being so close... I know with Kragnar I was actually trying to con death you, because I knew you had to be close. No one has said it yet, and I doubt it needs to be said, but Nominate for hall of fame
                          [reply to tayyah]
                        1. Stiehl26 [reply]
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                          I had at least 2 fifties that spent a lot of time with Zelbin, and will say that when I logged on and he was there, or if he came on after, we would always end up doing something. He was good for the mud. He lead a ton of eq runs for items he had no interest in, and repeatedly offered assistance in ranking. Great guy overall.
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                          1. Olyn [reply]
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                            I enjoyed RPing with this guy as Olyn and a couple of morts. I honestly don't remember why I gave him that title, but I know he deserved it.
                              [reply to Olyn]
                            1. gomerstyle [reply]
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                              Well i want to thank all of you for the kind words about my character Zelbin, my hope with him was to make the realm a better place and from what i have seen i guess i did a little bit. Just keep an eye out for the Borlink name to live on.
                                [reply to gomerstyle]
                              1. Faelon [reply]
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                                You were a necromancer!?!?!? ;)
                                  [reply to Faelon]

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