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Five cabals have arisen within the realms, bringing together people with similar philosophies to work together towards the fulfillment of common goals, for both protection and power.

Patron Immortal
Knight Knights of Valour Ceridwel the Salvation of Virtue
Legion Legion of Darkness Thorgoth the Conqueror
Justice Enforcers of Law Davairus the Implementor of Blood
Keeper Sentinels of Balance Olyn the Fulminator
Warlord Masters of War Lorne the Glowering Tower of Power

Cabal Gameplay

Cabal gameplay is designed with the goal to be simple and interesting as a multiplayer experience, providing some additional powers in exchange for the responsibility of defending their holy shrine.


These are extra unique abilities bestowed on mortals in the cabals, geared towards helping them fulfill their duties. Sometimes these are very obvious, like a Justice cabal member using special guards against criminals. Most, though, are guarded secrets, not intended to ever become common knowledge. The powers are vetted carefully so that remaining independent remains competitive.

In order to keep these powers, the cabal members have to keep their cabal's relic in their shrine's altar.


Shrines have three places of note:

  • A courtyard, serving as an "alert zone" to warn members of impending attack.
  • An entrance, occupied (but not blocked) by the door guard. Stolen cabal items are stashed on this.
  • An inner sanctum, defended to the death by the sanctum guard. An altar containing the cabal's relic is inside it.

WARNING: Picking up holy items removes the protection of PK range, and renders you unable to conceal, use transportation abilities, or attack other players. In addition, since players are obliged to get back their item or die trying, you'd be treated as an enemy of that cabal from then on.

Disclaimer: Cabal Politics

Cabals might not be for everyone; there are rules and politics involved that often lead to bloodshed with other cabals. Taking death marches to retrieve or prevent losing of the cabal item also comes with the territory. If you aren't willing to accept the beatdowns this can bring down upon you, please don't sign yourself up for cabals. The current record for caballed beatdowns is an 8-on-1 holy gangbang of doom, taken by Deiminos, former High Inquisitor of the Justice cabal.

Additional Resources

[Click Here] to read the guide to getting caballed from our help section. This was written by the player with the most leadership experience.