Vampires are forsaken entities of darkness that have given up their souls to become a plague upon the living, seeking to bring suffering and terror upon those that are weak and fear death. Taken from human dark-knights who are at the rank of Field Marshall of Legion, they are empowered with immense supernatural powers by the Covenant in return for the violent loss of their mortal lives. During the initiation they lose the ability to produce blood, and from then on must drain fresh blood from the corpses of the newly dead to satisfy their cravings. Held under the strict binding terms of the Covenant of Blood, vampires can only unlock the potential of their vast powers at night, remaining greatly weakened during daylight hours. If their flesh is burned by the touch of sunlight, they must rest in a coffin in order to revive their strength. While resting in their dark coffins, vampires will regenerate at an incredibly fast rate, but will be powerless to prevent a stake being driven through their cold, unbeating heart. At the peak of their training, a vampire is a walking terror upon the mortal plane, despised by all. Because of their strict bonds to the terms of the Covenant, vampires will not join cabals.

The requirements are as follows:
  • You must be a human dark-knight of the 35th rank.
  • Your ethos must NOT be lawful.
  • Your ability to roleplay must be exceptional.

    If you fulfill the above requirements, you will post a note of application to Immortal. In this note, you will describe your past, why you want to become a vampire, and why you feel worthy of becoming undead.

    Note: If you have had previous experience playing vampires, your chances of getting another are greatly lessened.