In contrast to openly militant CABALS, coteries are organizations whose purposes are primarily social and scholarly. Joining a coterie gives one a greater sense of belonging and purpose, as well as providing friends with common interests to accompany one in an often dangerous world.

The former coteries of Herald and Mystic have banded together to form the Consortium. Members who are specialized in the areas of literature, history or the arts become Heralds. Those who are interested in religion, the physical world, or the arcane become Mystics. Scholars are those who embody a mixture of interests. A fourth coterie, known as Strife, is reserved for those who seek to further their studies in combat without the rigorous demands of a militant cabal.

Patron Immortal
Scholar Academics of Serin Phostan the Headmaster of the Consortium
Herald Historians of Serin Vanisse the Myth Weaver
Mystic Erudites of Serin Taleroth the Lingering Singer
Strife Gladiators of Serin Lorne the Glowering Tower of Power

Coteries are not openly aggressive, like Serin's military cabals, and thus there are far fewer demands placed upon their members in terms of combat. Coteries may start fights, but must never declare war or invade cabals. Coteries form the core of Serin's social network, and those of any coterie may partake in the GOSSIP channel even away from the Traveler's Rest.

Note that Patrons and Nobles (Nobles of Valour, and Counts of Darkhaven) are considered a noteable resident of their respective town, but not tied directly to a coterie. You are welcome to join a coterie after buying one of these titles. However, joining cabals with these titles is not allowed.