The Serin Mystique, Volume 16, Issue 1
Dearest Readers,

Clutched within your claws, hooves, tentacles--why, even in your hot, little
hands--you hold issue 1 of Volume 16 of the Serin Mystique. Esteemed members
of the Consortium have worked tireishly to bring you all the news that's fit
to print and gossip that's ready to spready. In fact, you'll discover so much
quality poetry herein that soon I'll be eating my own words instead of
children. Curating this issue has been a sincere honor, so please forgive
me if there's something in my eye.

I think it's your finger.

1) News (see QuoNo, DemonPrince, EndOfInvasion, CorruptAgain)
2) Cabal Reports (see Storm, Mighty, Meek, JusticeDead)
3) Poetry (see RapII, Tear, ToLosla, BlackHat, LiveAtMockers, TranscriptionRap)
4) Prose (see OnHistorians, OlynsHeadache)
5) Adverts (see Sausages, Transcriptions, BerserkerBalm)
6) MAGIC (see Meditations, Arcana, GeneralInquiry, Contemplations, EnLightning)
7) Odds&Ends (see GnomishEngineering, Research, GuideToForgin, TheSzkrech)
8) Obituaries (see Ravia, Szrevan, Tiram, Skeggi)
9) Serials (see Intro, Tiamat1)
10) Poetry Contest Winners (see Sausage, FireAndAir, CounterRap, Return, Sisters3, TheWind, Pillars, King)

This Mystique authored by:

- High Herald Valindra Skitterwit
- Polymath Ilromie Illistarre
- Master Scribe Avenar
- Savant Wylsin Plindane
- Doyenne Elewyn Fairwinder
- Lore Keeper Trillian Triffle
- Oracle Foggledonk
- Annotator Pauwyr Rauwyr

With thanks to our Immortal Guides:

- Lady Vanisse the Myth Weaver, Mirage of Fortune
- Lady Vevier the Collector of Secrets
- Lord Phostan, Headmaster of the Consortium
- Lord Varliv, Supreme Magistrate of Serin
- Lord Davairus, God of Blood

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