The Serin Mystique, Volume 16, Issue 2
Reader, please,

I set out to explore the pillar of Tragedy as an exercise in spite--and, my,
how appropriate. For I needed to muster my nerve, and nothing suits for
that better than a sister. Thank you, Duchess, for helping me unpack my

Speaking of issues, within this one you'll find keens for the dead and some
for the living too; good poetry, much of it from outside the Consortium;
ruminations on magic; and hot takes on everyone's favorite least favorite
pillar: TRAGEDY!

Reader, please, I hope that you know I could fit you inside my magic box and
leave you there for years before anyone remembered. Such is the way of
tragedy: our darkest impulses often call to us even when we can't hear them.

But haven't you heard? I'm neutral now. It's truly . . . the same.

And that's a tragedy.


1) Poetry (see LoveHasChangedMe, ForbiddenLove, SweetFruit, Prunish, Noose, Conquest)
2) Obituaries (see Villidan, Vanisse)
3) TRAGEDY! (see Demon, Awaking, Pestilence, IntoShadow, OdeToHerald, Woman, Assassin, RoseAlone)
4) TRAGEDY! (Part 2) (see WarriorPoet, DeathOfLoved, Wanderer, RinArcanix, WurstTragedy, HeSang)
5) MAGIC (see Meditations, Arcana, GeneralInquiry, Contemplations)
6) Cabal Reports (see Arbiter, Steward, Slayer)
7) Serials (see Demons-Intro, Demons-Sting)

This Mystique authored by:

- High Herald Valindra Skitterwit
- Polymath Ilromie Illistarre
- Abecedarian Wylsin Plindane
- Master Scribe Trillian Triffle
- Dilettante Tevaloon

With special thanks to our contributors:

- Miss Militha Crescendum
- Vargan the Steadfast Patron
- Aphrux the Constable
- Dwiggans the Wurst Knight

And these gods may smite us yet:

- Lord Avenar the Oracle of Stars
- Lady Vevier the Collector of Secrets
- Lord Phostan, Headmaster of the Consortium
- Lord Varliv, Supreme Magistrate of Serin
- Lord Davairus, God of Blood

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