The Serin Mystique, Volume 15, Issue 3

You possess in your hands (or claws) the 3rd Issue of Volume 15 of the
Serin Mystique. This special edition is packed with memorials and poetry,
as well as exclusive angles on the events of our day. From all of us at the
Consortium, we hope you enjoy.

1) Cabals (see Justice, Warlord, Keeper, Knight, Legion)
2) News (see Melee, Cowardly, Fall, WitWhispers)
3) Adventures (see RiverWood, Cheese)
4) Interviews (see OgreKing, Deloraine, Ilromie, Devil, Alkas)
5) Battle Reports (see Midway, Battles1, Tournament1, Lucky, Battles2)
6) Poetry (see GremlinGames, Crown, Bribe, StokingSpell, TheLovers, ShatteredHeart, DameRhoa)
7) Amateur Poetry (see Mystery, TheHead, WildElf, TheFine, SinisterCircus, ThreeCheers, TheDome, TheHat)
8) Stories (see Kalict, Pinchalot, AnathemaKing)
9) Novice Findings (see SpellStudy, SugarJar, PixieLife)
10) Obituaries (see Durbleburby, Ceinn, Triyan, Thalandir, Aiko, Kremina, Trovo, Vycerak)
11) Obituaries continued (see Erelanidd, Yrlssa, Balbina, Darvaz, Vellis, Chul, Grimple, Kaeno)

This Mystique brought to you by:

- Polymath Ilromie Illistarre
- Doyenne Serra
- Annotator Ocelia
- Dilettante Villidan
- Dilettante Valindra Skitterwit
- Dilettante Pauwyr Rauwyr

With special thanks to our Immortal Guides:

- Lady Vanisse the Myth Weaver, Mirage of Fortune
- Lord Phostan, Headmaster of the Consortium
- Lady Vevier, the Collector of Secrets

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