There are nineteen common races in the realms, all of which have unique abilities. In some ways this can be an advantage, in other ways it is a bad thing. For this reason, each guild limits admission into its doors based by race, just as cabals limit guilds. The good points about a race can often outweigh the bad, although humans are a noteable exception, with nothing remarkable about them but nothing bad about them either. Some races are inherently better at certain skills than others due to their stats.

Exp Cost
Human 0 The standard race, average attributes.
Gnome 200 Frail but very intelligent and incredibly wise.
Half-Elf 250 Mix-breed of humans and elves. Mixed attributes.
Illithid 300 Powerful psi subterranean creatures, always evil.
Werebeast 300 Protectors of nature, half-human half-beast.
Dwarf 325 Stocky demi-humans that are amazingly hardy.
Duergar 325 Evil dwarves, not as healthy, but more dextrous.
Avian 350 Bird-like humanoids that fly, very dextrous
Pixie 350 Clever and agile, but very, very tiny.
Halfling 350 Very small, but wise and incredibly agile.
Jotun 350 Element resistant giant frost men, strong and wise.
Slith 400 Sentient reptilians, quick and agile.
Fire Giant 400 Unbelievably strong, healthy giants, always evil.
Storm Giant 450 Most intelligent of giants, always good.
Stone Giant 500 Neutral giants, strong and healthy, but very dim.
Quasit 500 Small, extremely free-willed escaped demons, evil.
Minotaur 500 Foul tempered man-like creatures with bull head.
Elf 500 Fair, amazingly smart and dextrous, always good.
Drow 500 Like their elven cousins, except sinisterly evil.
Treant 400 Very wise, very strong, very tall, and talks very, very slow.

What are Racial Legacies?

The rich history of the individual races of Serin gives rise to a variety of special skills that cannot even be learned from one's guildmasters. Instead, these techniques are acquired by virtue of one's racial heritage, due to either unique racial talents in one's chosen class or via secret class knowledge passed on only within one's race. These abilities are collectively known as racial legacies.

Only by having chosen specific combinations of race and class will racial legacies be available to one's character.

What is Exp Cost?

Characters must attain experience points to reach a new level. As each new level is achieved, the amount of experience required to level again will grow by 20% of the base experience to level (1500 experience points for a level 1 human warrior). The EXP COST is added to the base experience.

Human warrior (0 exp cost):
Level 1 = 1500 to level
Level 2 = 1500 + 20% of 1500 = 1800 to level
Level 3 = 1800 + 20% of 1500 = 2100 to level

Dwarf warrior (350 exp cost):
Level 1 = 1500 to level
Level 2 = 1500 + 20% of (1500 + 350) = 1870 to level
Level 3 = 1870 + 20% of (1500 + 350) = 2240

Because the PK RANGE is affected by the relative experience points each player has, a large exp cost effectively pits you against players with extra levels on you. This is a natural way of keeping the numbers down of stronger races and classes, and giving them a longer and more perilous road to level 50 in return for the extra ability that they have there. Compounded exp cost combinations such as elf paladins (500 for elf and 350 for paladin) are particularly difficult to take all the way to the pinnacle rank.

What are the race stats actually used for?

It is important to note there is no one 'best stat' for any class. Individual skills and spells often rely upon multiple stats for success - an agile drow would be a good dodger, a strong giant would be a good parrier. Because an exhaustive list here is impossible, consult the help files in the game. What follows is a general list of what the stats affect.

  • Strength affects: the total weight your character can carry, what weapons and shields may be wielded, your damroll, skills such as disarm, parrying, bashing, and hobble.
  • Intelligence affects: how much you can learn with a single practice session, mana gains when you level, how fast mana regenerates, how fast you improve your skills and spells.
  • Wisdom affects: the number of practices you gain when you level, how fast you improve your skills and spells and how well your character shield blocks.
  • Dexterity affects: hitroll, armor class, the amount of items you can hold in your inventory, skills such as disarm, dodge, trip and dirt kick.
  • Constitution affects: your characters HP gain after leveling, the speed of HP regeneration and ability to shield block.
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