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1.Trauc vs Ethaac (duel to the stun) 8Davairus
2.Conundo Vs Eurayel 2nd stream pull 3maeve
3.Conundo Vs Eurayel 1st stream pull 0
4.Eurayel Vs Daorisk Stream Pull 2Daorisk
5.Daorisk Vs Tarak Stream Pull 0
6.Daorisk Vs Vinson 0
7.Daorisk vs Fhaldar 10BlackWidow
8.Fhaldar vs Astinha 0
9.Daorisk Vs Astinha 0
10.Meari vs. Daorisk 6Nycticora
11.Meari vs. Astinha 1 1Nadrin
12.Astinha vs Ralfio stream pull 0
13.Astinha vs Fhaldar stream pull 2Karzhk
14.Karea vs. Karzhk 8Kalist19
15.conundo v morgarl tie breaker. 0
16.Morgarl v Conundo 2Morgarl
17.Morgarl vs Daorisk 1Morgarl
18.Morgarl vs Fef 1Morgarl
19.Morgarl vs Urgria 0
20.Daorisk vs Morgarl (And Lordana and Rothon) 22Kedaleam
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