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1.Skyles (50 Nec) v. Alacazar (50 Ill) 3Davairus
2.Tordin VS Athedus (Stream pull 2 duels) 5Tordin
3.Phinax vs Cauth (stream pull) 2Kedaleam
4.Cauth vs Skyles (stream pull) 3Skyles
5.skyles vs najullina 1Vevier
6.Urgrua v Tordin (Stream Log) 5Tordin
7.healthy as a dwarf 23Skyles
8.fizben 50 vs skyles 50 0
9.Lorawyn 50 vs Skyles 50 0
10.Tordin VS Grmillius (Stream Pull) 2Kornhole
11.Vebjorn vs Grmillius 8Grmillius hp/mana gain for pk finish with rend? 5Nadrin
13.1 tnl to 50? Hold my beer. 1BlackWidow
14.Urgria V Abaddon (stream pull) 0
15.Phinax v Cantravi (Stream Pull) 6Cantravi
16.maybe let monks astral walk in redhorne again? 9Kornhole
17.Berserker Raged on Spider, Defiler attacks - what happened? 3BlackWidow
18.Kaadimous vs. Etriedes 1Yuden
19.kiankai vs yuden 2Yuden
20.Athedius vs. Yuden 2Athedius