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1.Gradible vs golem 13Nycticora
2.Gnome smoothie 14Davairus
3.Vampire gets dunked 9tayyah
4.Khaelgorn gets assassinated 18Moondog
5.How did I not die? 2Kato
6.Jesus rose up on Easter, but Jomino went down 3beia
7.Kiuril is dead!! But common sense prevails in the end. 5Faelon
8.SMITE 10Davairus
9.51 hitroll 50 damroll zerker get smoked smoked 6Lorne
10.I had to pee 2Cyprian
11.Jomino takes out Sunnon (Kiuril shows her true colors) 6Bladefurry
12.Jomino takes out Belan (Belan talks shit and gets hit) 5DigitalText
13.Agrerrogod got dropped 32Nycticora
14.Jomino takes out Cedowyl 20Cedowyl
15.Jomino takes out Ragile (A lesson learned) 0
16.When justice doesnt prevail! 29Alhgaga
17.I sense multi 17Nycticora
18.Dead!!! 4Agrerrogod
19.Agrerrogod twice 2tayyah
20.GOT PWNED 1Agrerrogod