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1.Eurayel vs. Trovo 5BlackWidow
2.Conundo vs Edebayo 1Conundo
3.Trauc vs Ethaac (duel to the stun) 7Trauc
4.Conundo Vs Eurayel 2nd stream pull 3maeve
5.Conundo Vs Eurayel 1st stream pull 0
6.Eurayel Vs Daorisk Stream Pull 2Daorisk
7.Daorisk Vs Tarak Stream Pull 0
8.We need more interactions like this 18Vanisse
9.Don't use newbie chat to teach newbies 27Ergorion
10.Daorisk Vs Vinson 0
11.Vyras messes with 3 Warlords 5Conundo
12.Molrog v Conundo round 2 9Conundo
13.Tarak V Conundo 2 0
14.Tarak v Conundo 0
15.Olyns mercenary 0
16.Trauc v Conundo 1Lorne
17.Ethaac vs Conundo (duel) 5BlackWidow pull. Eurayel vs Diani 0
19.Lothedon vs Yngfre (stream pull) 5Faeryl
20.A mystics job is never done 9Etheath