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1.Something's brewing! 0
2.Cedowyl vs Phahrdrah 0
3.Corzu's Wish 1Vertas
4.Cedowyl vs Minxt 8Vertas
5.The 1st Duel Nordos Vs Legedus 0
6.Grilidan vs Sarsah Juggernaut stream 3tayyah
7.So ya - avoid Storm Hill if you're anathema 1Davairus
8.raleck vs agrerrogod (BOTH fights stream) 0
9.agrerrogod vs eilayah 5Agrerrogod
10.Fun roleplay, and a cunning plan that almost worked 3Nadrin
11.Don't wear the heavy coil rope from the Executioner! 2Firithien
12.ederiwyn vs Agerrogod 1Mishtkah
13.When a n00b duels 5Bladefurry
14.mishtkah vs agrerrogod 0
15.In which I can't chase AT ALL, but ran away blind pretty well 21Nadrin
16.Aydhen nearly destroying an unprepared Glerr NODEATH 1Ceridwel
17.Clash of the titans. 0
18.Sneaky Lourch 2Cirat
19.What did you DOO!!! 5Kewlin
20.Morzan vs Termas 4th duel 1Garge
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